Styling And Shoe Review

Shoes are my go to fashion piece to give an oomph to the most minimal outfits. A mix of colors here, a little bit more detailing there, a blend of fabrics here and there, they are my absolute favorite fashion accessories. Asides the genuine materials that are used by luxury designers, their attention to details, I bet is another factor that takes their price tags over the roof.

I don't know how it came about, but the color red is the default color associated with Valentines. It's Valentine's eve, it's a Tuesday and of course that makes it Shoes day. Today, i'd be sharing with you My Top 7 Love Inspired Shoes. This selection is however not restricted to red. I call them Love inspired because of the designs, the color, the style and mostly how sexy i believe they'd look on the feet. From Charlotte Olympia to Sophia Webster. They are fun and flirty and speak the language of love!

Hello lovers, am i the only one who felt like the month of January was going on forever? It feels good to be able to move on with the year and as always, in the spirit of love, i am super thankful for life. It's lovers' month and the shortest month of the year too, and i happen to fall into the category of people who believe that love shouldn't be celebrated on a particular day, so every time i get a chance, i do something nice for and with the significant other and basically everyone around me.

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"Congrats Boss, you can't even understand how i feel about this one. This is definitely what being fulfilled must  mean" I said as i clinked brandy glasses with my boss of over 20 years.
We had developed more than an Employer/Employee relationship. He had become something of a big brother and father figure to me, one of the things i missed having while growing up.

70% of the people i follow on Instagram are friends, handles that spread positive vibes and inspire my life vision and then brands i like. You see the other 30%, i follow them for their shoes and sense of style. I honestly don't care who you are, you wear fabulous shoes and have a great dress sense, have a little bit of extra in you, live and breath "unbasic" fashion, i hit the follow button IMMEDIATELY. 

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"I miss you mehn, i miss having you all to myself, when was the last time we were actually together alone?" Hakeem asked, throwing a pillow playfully at me as i cleansed my face in front of my dressing mirror. 
It was a vintage piece i had bought in Turkey about a year ago, when i and my girls had gone on a vacation.