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  I spent the 9 months of formation in my mothers womb, travelling around the world. From Asia to Europe, Africa and South America, I visited not less than 10 countries. Then I was born, barely 7 months old and the plane hopping resumed with my Super star mum.     My name is Simisola Obe and I am 9 years old, probably the smartest, kindest, most intelligent, most fun loving and of course most beautiful girl you would ever meet. I know this because my parents tell me every single day that I am all of these and so much more.    

Hey Lovers, this one has been cooking for quite some time now, 3 years to be precise. You know one of those stories you start and leave for 6 months, go back to, without ever finishing it.     From The Cradle To The Grave is inspired by real life situations. A story based on the lives of the women around me - Some I grew up with, others I met along the way and some from just across hall. I have always been intrigued by the elements that make up a person's personality and in turn what they turn out to be.  

One week, no post. Who missed me? I'm cooking up a storm for the next blog drama series and again i'm excited. While we wait, you can catch up on the just concluded Endangered In Heels.      On today's Style Guide post, I'd be sharing my top 5 accessories to work up a great dress up session. As a plus size, I tend to keep my outfit as simple as possible. As much as I love the edgy, avante garde side of fashion, it is imperative that I keep it simple.      

Hi guys, how's it been with my favorite people in cyber space? Hope we are all a bit more relaxed about fashion and having fun with it. The last time on Soledivas Style Ideas, I highlighted the color of shoes that best go with Orange and Yellow and I'm glad that quite a number of people got ideas from that post they have used.     I'd be working with Blue and Green outfits and the color of shoes that best go with them today. Green is my favorite color ever, I can't say it enough and it is easy to work with because it has so many shades. There's always a shade of green for everyone.  Blue is a color hue close to green and that is why I have paired them as I'd be using almost the same ideas to work with them.  

This is an exciting one for me as I have decided to fully embrace my passion. I like to play dress up and I absolutely love to take pictures. But putting myself out there has not crossed my mind so much until I started my fashion retail business. Sundays are the only days I really get to play dress up when I'm going to church, and shout out to my Seven year old who takes the best pictures of his momma.       With a lot of motivation and inspiration from my favorite style bloggers, I will now be doing a Plus Size Style Guide Series, sharing details of my looks to Church on Sundays, School runs and errands on week days, Dates with the hubby, Time out with the girls and any situation that has me in front of a camera.    

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride" The pastor announced.
      The whole church went into a thunderous applause, myself included, grinning from ear to ear. I laughed even harder when 4 year old Feyisara tugged at my dress and went "EEEEWWWWW", as she watched the kiss. I picked her up and gave her a big hug before sending her back to her little bride duties.       It had been exactly 4 years since all the craziness in my life happened. I went into a phase of semi depression, if we can call it that, after Mrs Anele died. I lost the zeal to do anything. Being a part of her organization, watching it grow and bring her fulfillment was all I had lived for. With her death, everything else died.  


"And the bible says in  Roman's 14:18 'For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.' What is important now for the rest of us here is to live for God. We should search ourselves and take an inventory of our lives, if death comes for us, would we be in right standing with God...."
  A chill ran through me as I listened to the sermon, I broke out in a cold sweat. Minutes ago all I felt was numbness and all of a sudden this cold chill accompanied by sweat. As I pulled my shawl tightly around my shoulder, I felt the immediate urge to throw up, I really needed to get out of there.     Sope kept looking at me trying to find out if I was okay. I managed to signal her to meet me outside as I got up and rushed out of the church. I was fortunate enough to make it outside to a gutter close to the entrance and doubled over remitting everything in my gut into it. I burst into tears again.    

White sneakers are a shoe closet essential for fashion buffs and otherwise. They are a casual, comfortable and yet strikingly stylish option from the everyday shoe style.  


  The beauty of white sneakers remain in keeping them WHITE. Once your sneakers start to have stains on them, they lose their flavor. I have put together a few easy tips to help you keep them as white and fresh as the first day. I have also put together a few of my favorite white sneakers looks and links to where you can get them.  

With a wide range of rich and distinct colors, textures and styles, Zara is serving us major shoe envy with their 2018 Fall Collection. Think Metallics, Bright hues, Distinct heels and a combination of textures, your closet is about to be popping with shoes ranging from about 25 pounds (N13,000) to 100 pounds (N50,000) per item.   Whether you're on the low end of the continuum or tending towards the higher side, Zara has fit every budget in view. Oh and the best part is that they have sizes up to a U.K 9 (EUR 43). They remain the go to brand for the  fashionista on a budget.  

We tend to shy away from many color of clothes, or at the most, play it safe and I have found that with styling, there are no hard and fast rules and fashion is supposed to be fun.   Bright colors are in this season and the brighter, the better. I'd be focusing on Orange and Yellow in their many shades, and the color of shoes that best go with them. Whether you want a monochrome look, a mix of colors or just 2 colors that complement each other, here are a few style ideas for you.