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Just in case your Valentine's day did not go as planned or maybe you didn't have any at all, the blue fashion pieces on this post today are guaranteed to take all the blues away. I know i said green is my favorite color, yes it still is, but there's something about the color blue - in shoes, bags and accessories that give me a high. It's Want It Wednesday and i can bet you will want all these blues in your closet. Going from mid night blue shades to the lighter real shades, at the border line of green, blue is one versatile color every shoe closet should boast of. Check these out

In the past few weeks I've seen so much love from Gucci with all the personal shoppers I follow on the gram from their bags to their shoes. The great thing about being a personal shopper especially a luxury personal shopper is that you get to see all the amazing designs in all their glory, feel them and even wear them. [caption id="attachment_5299" align="aligncenter" width="432"] A fun way to wear espadrilles[/caption] Imagine if work is having to wake up and go to Saks or Barneys all day everyday picking out items for your clients... *sigh*. [caption id="attachment_5300" align="aligncenter" width="481"] Gucci[/caption] Anyway, I resigned myself to my online option of ogling the Gucci brand last night and knew I had to give those shoes a feature today. I'm not so much a bag person but I did see a few that got me like that. Enjoy...

I'm always excited about awards, foreign or local. I live for all the glamour and pizzaz that come with them. I would stay up all night just to see all the fashion from the red carpet. The Grammys is one of the biggest and most significant music awards of all times and of course with all the A-list Super stars, you expect to see the best from the designers in the fashion industry.. [caption id="attachment_5291" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Beyoncé[/caption] This for me is the highlight. Who wore what? It's like getting to know them personally. I didn't watch this years awards though but going through the rounds on the internet all day, these are some of my favorite footwear from the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Dear Diary,

Last night was magical and that is all. I cannot count how many times i cried. Choi, God needs to send me my own personal bae, not another person's bae o. My own gan gan. My brother scored best lover in the world goals for all that he put together for Sis Moji. The highlight for me was when he was acknowledging all his wrongs, and how he was committed to dedicate the rest of his life to loving her right, and then Timi Dakolo came out of no where singing "The Vow". I wish i could freeze that scene forever. From the corner of my eyes, i saw my mum shed a few tears, it was such a beautiful moment. And did my SIL look beautiful or not, her three looks from the vow renewal, the dinner, down to the after party dress were absolutely breath taking. Yesterday was all forms of magic. *SIGH*

Almost a week after the anniversary, and we couldn't stop talking about it. The girls and i were having an early dinner, the Friday after, at Aisha's place. She had made this really lovely oil-less efo riro with grilled fish and boiled plantain. I was fast adapting to fitfam life and literally in food heaven.

I was looking through luxury online outlet, the outnet, with another ardent shoe lover and Pierre Hardy shoes kept popping up. For each of his design that came up we'd go back and ooh and aah over the piece. Pierre Hardy is a French designer in his 60's who went from dance to footwear design. His profile has risen from being an illustrator at Vogue to being creative director atDior,  Hermes and Balenciaga to owning his own self named label. His designs are such that you'd want to collect just because, well I would! They are rich in color and texture and remind me of a mix of geometry and architecture. I had to do a post and show you some of that footcandy. And yea, they do cost more than just a pretty penny, but trust me worth every figure. It's only respectful to pay the worth of such creative artwork. Here are some of my favorites...

I've liked Toke from a distance, I would open any article that had her name in it and completely forget about her till the next article. Then came her book Onbecoming and I became more intrigued by her. Not because of the dirt she spilled( well part of it, who doesn't like gossip straight from the source) but because I saw her in her elements. Beneath the 'in your face' Toke was a scared, scarred and insecure little girl and she wasn't afraid to show that to us all.        

Episode 3 Here

Dear Diary,

"The work load is out of this world, i barely get 5 hours of sleep now. I get home really late and come back with work. It's really doing my head in. And as i'm getting really committed to this fitfam life, i have to wake up early to put in my 30 minutes of work out. It's been crazy to be honest. I haven't even been able to do much for Sister Moji as per the anniversary, i'm she understands. My outfit for that one sef, i still can't settle for something and it's in 3 days. I was at Sole Divas 2 days ago, hoping to get gold shoes for the fringe dress. I'd love to wear the skirt tho, but i'm not so sure i'm that comfortable with my stomach yet. It's barely 2 weeks i signed up with April, and even though i can say i feel changes, i'm not so confident to put it out there. Anyway, back to Sole Divas, i don't know if it's the stress from work, but i went on a shoe binge. Gosh, all the Kurt Geiger pairs i had been eyeing were up for sale at up to 60% off , i bought 12 pairs. Sue me, i call it retail therapy. And yes it felt good. Judge me not. As i don't have a lover to whisper sweet nonsense to me, won't i make myself happy?. Meanwhile, Aisha sent me a message, i haven't replied her, let me get to it, it sounded quite urgent."

It's the month of love and I bet a lot of us are planning towards the 14th of February... Foot wear designers don't play when it comes to getting creative. I saw these shoes randomly and all i felt was love. You honestly have no reason not to get up and get dressed. If you have no one to go out with, go out on your own and just have fun with your shoes... After all, shoe love is the best love. A date with the significant other, lunch with your girls, a corporate event or dinner with your family, every female deserves a pair of lovely shoes this season.

I've been doing a lot of searching since i finally came out with my opinions as regards Look for less shoes, it's quite a task though trying not to fall for copy cat designs. Quite a number of high street brands like Steve Madden, Zara and Mango have their fair share of inspired pieces and i can't even be mad at them as i found some really interesting pieces. So if you have had your eyes on some high end shoes and your pocket is saying no, look out for these posts. If you haven't subscribed for email alerts yet, i wonder why not. Today, i have 4 inspired looks for less to share. Fendi VS Designer Lab Sandals: The Fendi pair spot a T Bar style with metallic heels and a slightly covered back. Of course, they will burn a hole in your pocket and set you about a $1,000 back. The Designer Lab option spots a Sling Back and black heels. So save for the color combination, i think it's a great way to substitute and spend less as they go for less than a $ 100. Manolo Blahnik VS Kurt Geiger: The Manolo Hangisi Pumps are a classic pair and this one was a bit hard for me, but i think the Kurt Geiger look alike isn't such a bad idea as blue satin pumps can be found with other brands too. The embellishment doesn't come close to the Hangisi and the shades of blue are slightly different. Price tags make up to about $800 difference. I'd rather splurge on this one tho...