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From tax evasion accusations to controversial ad campaigns, the duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have one thing in common, overflowing creative juices!! Thinking of what brand to spotlight this morning, as I didn't have any prepared post, I came across a pair of D & G sandals and I was totally smitten. Looking further at the pieces that were on retail, going from page to page, I couldn't stop. How did I miss the 2017 Spring/Summer collection in the first place? Not to bore you any further with how detailed and heart pumping the collection is, take a look at all the gorgeousness that is Dolce & Gabbana in Shoes, bags and clothes from the 2017 collection and a few old ones.

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Dear Diary, 

"These days, the new school say marriage is over rated and should not be high on anybody's priority list or be a do or die affair. As much as I quite agree with that thought with reason, I say marriage can be a beautiful thing and I desire to get married....*sigh* From Benin to Dubai, Ivie's nuptials were absolutely beautiful. Pure, true and natural, you could see the connection between her and Eddy. They've had their fair share of issues, Ai and I have had to intervene a few times in the past, but isn't that what they say makes a solid foundation? I'm wondering if i may have found my happily ever after, but only time will tell. Anyway, party is over, time to continue life where I stopped...Good night Diary..."

I don't know if it's the Bulls head we both share as Taurean women or just sheer admiration for being driven by her passion, but my love for Bukky Karibi Whyte, founder of the Bobby Taylor Company has grown since 2013 when she was a judge on the Mo's search TV program on Ebony Life TV. From luxury and lifestyle to the corporate sector and then music and entertainment, she has been able to bridge the gap between her clients and their targeted audience with her expertise, making her the no 1 go to girl in the world of Public Relations.

I love Amina Muaddi, simple. She's a footwear designer (obviously... Lol!) with Arabian descents but grew up in Italy. She has the Cliche growing up wearing her mum's shoes tales and had always known her passion lay in that line. Of course she took the plunge and followed her dreams to the end living her life intentionally. 

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Dear Diary,

*Sigh*... Shame will not even let me clock in here. I have really been humbled. The other night at Ai's house, i got an E-mail alert from my bank, turns out my account balance could not buy me a one way ticket to Abuja, and payday was still about 20 days away. I couldn't mention it to the girls. Going through my statement, it turns out all my money had been going recklessly on shoes. To think i still had debts to pay. I have no savings, no investments, no back up and i work so hard and earn so well. My parents must not know about this, they wouldn't let me hear the last of it. My dad would be so so disappointed. Damn, i bet you are too.

Thank God for Hakeem whose advice redeemed me. I have a lot of work to do on my finances. A whole lot of work. Meanwhile, plans for Ivie's wedding is underway, her dad wants to get it done as soon as possible. Surprisingly, they agreed on something small both for the bride price payment and the church wedding. It will be my first time in Benin and i'm looking forward to it.

After seeing my account balance in black and white, i literally went into freeze mode. I had less than N25,000 in heaven and on earth plus debts that were way over that amount which i had incurred sub-consciously buying this and that and most especially footwear.

Just in case your Valentine's day did not go as planned or maybe you didn't have any at all, the blue fashion pieces on this post today are guaranteed to take all the blues away. I know i said green is my favorite color, yes it still is, but there's something about the color blue - in shoes, bags and accessories that give me a high. It's Want It Wednesday and i can bet you will want all these blues in your closet. Going from mid night blue shades to the lighter real shades, at the border line of green, blue is one versatile color every shoe closet should boast of. Check these out

In the past few weeks I've seen so much love from Gucci with all the personal shoppers I follow on the gram from their bags to their shoes. The great thing about being a personal shopper especially a luxury personal shopper is that you get to see all the amazing designs in all their glory, feel them and even wear them. [caption id="attachment_5299" align="aligncenter" width="432"] A fun way to wear espadrilles[/caption] Imagine if work is having to wake up and go to Saks or Barneys all day everyday picking out items for your clients... *sigh*. [caption id="attachment_5300" align="aligncenter" width="481"] Gucci[/caption] Anyway, I resigned myself to my online option of ogling the Gucci brand last night and knew I had to give those shoes a feature today. I'm not so much a bag person but I did see a few that got me like that. Enjoy...

I'm always excited about awards, foreign or local. I live for all the glamour and pizzaz that come with them. I would stay up all night just to see all the fashion from the red carpet. The Grammys is one of the biggest and most significant music awards of all times and of course with all the A-list Super stars, you expect to see the best from the designers in the fashion industry.. [caption id="attachment_5291" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Beyoncé[/caption] This for me is the highlight. Who wore what? It's like getting to know them personally. I didn't watch this years awards though but going through the rounds on the internet all day, these are some of my favorite footwear from the 2017 Grammy Awards.

Dear Diary,

Last night was magical and that is all. I cannot count how many times i cried. Choi, God needs to send me my own personal bae, not another person's bae o. My own gan gan. My brother scored best lover in the world goals for all that he put together for Sis Moji. The highlight for me was when he was acknowledging all his wrongs, and how he was committed to dedicate the rest of his life to loving her right, and then Timi Dakolo came out of no where singing "The Vow". I wish i could freeze that scene forever. From the corner of my eyes, i saw my mum shed a few tears, it was such a beautiful moment. And did my SIL look beautiful or not, her three looks from the vow renewal, the dinner, down to the after party dress were absolutely breath taking. Yesterday was all forms of magic. *SIGH*

Almost a week after the anniversary, and we couldn't stop talking about it. The girls and i were having an early dinner, the Friday after, at Aisha's place. She had made this really lovely oil-less efo riro with grilled fish and boiled plantain. I was fast adapting to fitfam life and literally in food heaven.