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      Following my experiences with Adeyinka, my lover at the factory when I worked at Foot Garden, my affair with Uncle Wale and my broken marriage, I had learnt not to put anything past anyone. People go through life in different ways and life just happens to happen. But growing older has made me understand that I am responsible for my choices.         I wouldn't say I was shocked when Rahmat announced her affair and intentions to get a divorce. She never really talked about her marriage, but I have always felt she was too intellectual to be in a polygamy setting and not with a crude man like Alhaji Abubakar. What surprised me was how she had managed to keep the affair a secret, but then again, I should be the least surprised, my affair with Uncle Wale still remains a secret.        


      We all knew Rahmat's decision to leave her husband wasn't going to be a walk in the park. I couldn't get over her announcement that afternoon at lunch with the girls. She didn't talk much about her marriage but I safely assumed she was happy. To think she had been having an affair for 2 years and she had been able to keep it so discreet, that was another level for me. I wonder who this guy was.         I was in a no judgement zone but it just made me question a lot about life and people and choices and my conclusion again remains, do what's best for you. Rahmat looked really beautiful in her full length dress. Abubakar left no stones unturned to make sure he did everything she'd want to have the best party ever. There were top government dignitaries and business moguls to share the day with her.      

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          *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************         I had 'fallen in love' with Uncle Wale, every inch of me knew it wasn't right, I was dying on the inside of guilt. Simi and her mum, most especially her mum did not deserve this from me. I struggled. Every morning, while I prayed, I'd vow to end the affair, but it never happened. The moment I saw him, my resolve would disappear. He became everything to me and he was such a kind lover, understanding, patient, gentle, generous, funny, a sound board for all my crazy ideas.              

Pastels have been around for as long as forever but became a high trend in fashion in the past 3 seasons. In the bid to experiment and be more flexible , I will be investing in a few pastel colored pieces.     For those that may be wondering, pastel colors are those soft, neutral, soothing, 'de-saturated' shades of all your favorite colors. Think Baby blue and pink, mauve, mint green, nude, lavender and so on. They're usually pale but I find them a very unique way to stand out in style.          

One of the things I consciously decided for 2019 is to go to church with my family as often as we can with no excuses. So when I started to feel lazy on Saturday evening, I found motivation in my 'new shoes' ( DO NOT JUDGE). Quickly, I put together something easy and comfortable in my head with the shoes being the highlight. Lush Ink Blue velvet T Bar Peep Toe Pumps with gold trimmings, I had been itching to wear them.    

I am so happy to be back at this with the E Interviews, last year was a drag and getting the interviews in was quite an issue. Not relenting, I will go all in to bring you the best Interviews and Style features from your favorite fashion people as well as underrated fashionistas that should be in your line of fashion vision.
Petite Derin Odugbesan is an Isale Eko (Downtown Lagos) PR girl and Top Style blogger who loves Fashion, Style and Travel. It is her love for bright colors and hues that drew me to her Instagram page (@derinfromisaleeko).

  Happy Nu Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - My grin is wide, my voice is hoax and I am, as always, very excited to get in my first blog post for the year Twenty Nineteeeeeen. After a short but interesting holiday, it's safe to say your favorite #shoelover and fashion enthusiast is back to what she knows how to do best. (*WINK*)  

My favorite way to pass time is on any of the Luxury online stores, ogling shoes. I find it very relaxing when I take in the details that come mostly with luxury shoes. And in the past few days, I have come across some absolutely gorgeous foot candy that I have to share with you guys. They are season appropriate, party show stoppers and would set you back more than a few hundred thousands. But if you have worked that hard, can afford them and love your shoes, then they are worth every penny.         The colors that come to mind the most when I think of Christmas are Metallics (Bronze, Gold, Silver, Pewter), Black, Red, Green and Blue. They get me in the Christmas mood and most designers tend to work with that too. This season has seen a lot of amazing designs in these colors and here are some of my favorites.        

I usually like to plan (in my head, at least) ahead what I'd wear for an event. It's the safe thing to do especially when you don't have many options. When I went through the invite for the End of Year Christmas Party at my sons' school and saw the Color Code - Black and Gold, I immediately thought "very easy" and paid no further attention.       I went on to help other people plan what they'd wear and left mine till that morning. Lo and behold, EVERYTHING I thought I would show up in failed woefully. From being too snug to not fitting at all to me looking like a baby elephant, I gave up and decided I would go against the dress code and call it a day. While looking for an alternative outfit, I stumbled upon a few of my black pieces, mentally put them together and in no time, I was color code ready.      

  There are so many unconventional ways to wear a shirt and the backward shirt trend is not a new one. I am sure I have come across it a couple of times but never paid any attention to it. You know one of those things you see and just conclude is not for you.         And so it happened that on Sunday morning, dressing up for church, I had a wardrobe malfunction and had to look for something different wear. My 7 year old picked out a few items and was very insistent on me wearing the shirt because he liked it. I liked the shirt too but big boob problems, it was one of those shirts that would require many pins to hold the buttons together, it was a perfect fit but for the boob area. I hesitated, we were running out of time.