SoleDivas DIY : Revamp Your Shoes!!!

SoleDivas DIY : Revamp Your Shoes!!!

One of my style goals for this year is to get in the sun and take as many pictures as i can especially for the purpose of the blog. How can i be a shoe lover and blogger and keep hiding behind my computer?


Out and about with my baby, #Snapchatfilters

I was de-cluttering the other day and found out some of my shoes had suffered from heat damage. I have not worn a lot of my shoes in about 2 years and to be honest i haven’t also paid that much attention to them like i should (*bite me*). I have had to pick out some and say bye bye to them but some, i’m still guarding jealously.

Casting my mind back to the interview with Joseph Limandri i decided some DIY ideas will be in place for a Shoe Revamp,and trust me i love some DIY. From making my wigs (I made the one i wore in the picture above), to my baby’s Diaper bag, getting creative with my hands is my thing. I did my research and let’s just say, i’d be keeping my shoes for a longer time now. I’d share a few of the ideas.

NEWLOGO2012 copy

1. Jeweled Shoes as inspired by Joseph Limandri: Because i’m an embellishment girl, these caught my eyes and i’d be trying something similar. For this, you’d need:

  • A pair of suede Sandals



Turn your old suede sandals to night time gleam!!!

  • Multi Shaped Rhinestones and Small round stones


  • Tweezers


  • E 6000 Glue


  • Small container


  • Toothpick


  • Creative hands

Quick and easy Steps

1. Clean the surface of the portion of the shoes you want to embellish. It’s most advisable to embellish on suede fabric.

2. Squirt some of the glue in the container.

3. With your tweezers, pick up one of the stones, dip the back in the glue and stick to the shoe surface. There is no right or wrong way to arrange the stones, just get creative.


4. For the smaller stones, use the toothpick to apply the glue to the back and stick.

Eventually, you should have something that looks like this:


So you don’t have to throw those shoes away. As long as the heels are solid and it’s just the fabric that has experienced some wear and tear, get creative and glam them up. I’d be bringing you more of these DIY, i found quite a few. And once i get to do a few of mine, i’d be sure to share.

Peace, Love and DIY





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