SoleDivas Blog Series – ROOM 88 – Episode 1 – “Welcome To Room 88”

SoleDivas Blog Series – ROOM 88 – Episode 1 – “Welcome To Room 88”

“Welcome to Room 88, once again my name is Yemi Ogundare and I am happy to have you all here. I believe we have all read the code of conducts and we are ready to abide by the rules guiding these sessions. Please I’d like for everyone to feel comfortable with each other, we all came here for a reason. We are here to find healing, to gain knowledge and strength to live in and enjoy the present and to build the courage to the face the future. Consider this your safe place.”




I listened, as this young, dapper looking man addressed us. There were five of us in the room. The only other female was on the sofa almost opposite mine, she looked like she was in another time space. She was definitely not with us. She couldn’t be more than thirty five or at most forty, but who knows, these days where the sixty year olds are giving the young ones a run for their looks. She obviously had a high taste in fashion, simply dressed, but with intention. On her feet were a gorgeous pair of Maryam Nassir Zadeh Canary yellow sandals wrapped neatly around her ankles. I looked away quickly before she turned to look my way. I didn’t want to be caught staring.





I shifted my gaze back to Yemi and reminded myself why I was in the room. I know I need help, I can’t continue life the way it has been. Not after my fall out with Tonia, I betrayed her trust and the guilt is drying me up from the inside. I have never felt as empty and hopeless as I feel now. Nobody who sees me will know the demons I am faced with and these demons have succeeded in destroying me. I have become a threat to humanity and it is these feelings that drove me to almost taking my life three weeks ago.




My name is Misan, I am thirty eight years old, a petrochemical engineer and a night club owner. I make bold to say that I have it all – property, cars, an ever evolving luxury wardrobe and everything money can buy, literally. I have always been an intelligent and smart girl, an A Grader right from elementary school, always coming up tops through to the university and even on to my Doctorate Degree.









You see, marriage has never been a thing for me. I have been in relationships, good ones and bad ones but getting married has never really been a priority. Some people will say it’s because I am too independent and financially stable, but the truth is, it just isn’t a desire. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against it, if I find someone, I would be willing, but I am desperately searching as everyone is expecting of me.





On the other hand, I love children, I absolutely adore them, I love having them around. For years now, I have been a caregiver in my church at the Children’s department. I have been made god mother to all my friends’ kids and when they need time alone or have to be out of town, I am always their go to person to look after their kids. I desire to have children of my own and it has been my plan to get pregnant by artificial means if I wasn’t married by forty.





I don’t know how I got to this dark place, I don’t know if I can be healed of this menace. How do I bring up a child under these circumstances?





“I see that some of us are lost in thoughts, nervous and anxious. Don’t worry, one step at a time, we will find healing, I assure you we will. As long as we have come on our own to seek for help, we have taken the most important step of this journey. I want us to see each other as a support system to the other person and as our stories unfold, we’d find comfort with each other as we try to connect the dots. Can we start by introducing ourselves? Anything you’d like us to know about you.”








“My name is Oluwafemi Akinrimisi, I am forty two years old, married with three kids, two girls and a boy. I run a logistics company of my own while I work as the Human Resources Manager at Centurion Oil and Gas Limited. I’d say my life is almost perfect, I wish it was perfect. My business is thriving, doing really well. I am at the peak of my HR career. I have a wife that loves me to bits, my kids are awesome and well rounded, but I am the problem in this picture and that is why I am here, to seek help. I need help.”







The tugging in my heart was unbearable, as I felt the tears start to well up, I took a seat and allowed the next person introduce herself. It was a small room, small enough to feel cozy and comfortable but very well decorated and organized not to make you feel claustrophobic. I crossed my left leg over the right knee as I adjusted in my sofa. We were not allowed to use our phones, so I kept fidgeting with my fingers. My mind flashed back to about thirty years ago.





“Femiii, Feeeemmmmmmiiiiiiiiii, sho n ka mi loun ni? , didn’t you hear your name?” My aunt yelled out from the kitchen.






“Mo n da yin loun ma” (I answered you ma), I replied as I ran into the kitchen but before I could say anything else, the back of her left hand had connected with the right side of my face. I looked down, it was normal. I would have been surprised if that didn’t happen. It was a part of the routine.





“Where is the pepper I asked you to blend ehn, I left this house with instructions that everything I need to make this stew, must be ready before I come back. And when I’m done cooking it now, you’d be the first person to bring out your plate, onije ku je (Glutton).”

I went into the kitchen fridge, brought out the bowl of blended pepper and placed it beside the other laid out ingredients. “E ma binu ma (I’m sorry, ma). I kept it in the fridge so it won’t go sour”. I stepped back waiting for her to bark her next order.





I lost my parents two years ago in a car accident. I was ten years old and my older sister was twelve at the time. I knew that would be the worse thing that could ever happen to us and indeed it has been. It was a sudden reality we had to wake up to and nothing in all our lives had prepared us for this change. Everything happened so fast, from their funeral to moving us to my mum’s sister house the day after they were laid to rest, we never really got a moment.





It hit me really bad, but I know my sister became a mess. She was in and out of the hospital for the longest time and during her last hospital stay, about a year after they died, I had to have a heart to heart talk with her.





“Hey, how are you feeling?” I held her hands as soon as my aunt and her husband stepped out of the room.





“Femi, I’m tired, I just want to go and meet mummy and daddy” She burst into tears and for the first time since I heard of my parents death, I cried, deep tears from the bottom of my heart. It was real, I was never going to see them again, I didn’t even get the chance to say good bye.





“I know Feyi, I want to go and meet them too but we can’t. Are we going to commit suicide? Please I need you to be strong for me, you are all that I have and I am all you have. We have a long way to go. Remember we always promised mummy we’d make her proud. See, one day Feyi, we’re going to get older and leave Aunty’s house and we’d be free. I tried to reassure her as I wiped my tears and hers too.







“I hate aunty’s house, I hate how she has turned us to slaves. I hate the way she looks at me Femi, I hate her” my sister said as she tried to sit up. “See there’s nothing wrong with me, I just need an excuse to leave that stupid house. With everything mummy and daddy left for us, she can’t even change my underwear. I am not asking for new clothes o, underwear. I swear, me I just want  run away from that place” She said as she laid back on the bed.






“Run to where? I hate it too but me I know where I am going. I’m just thankful they have kept us in school, at least we have hope. I will continue to bear, all I know is one day, it will all come to an end. You, you’re going to SS1 in September, before you know it, you’d be writing WAEC and you’re close to freedom. All I want to do is make mummy and daddy proud. Even if they’re dead, I know they can still see us.” I pulled her into a hug as she broke down sobbing again.




I brought my mind back to the present, the next lady had just finished her introduction, I had not heard a thing. I was ready to leave, I’m not sure what exactly I was leaving to, but I needed to leave.








Heyyyyyyy lovers, it’s been exactly three months and twenty eight days since my last post and I feel so terrible. In the past few weeks, I haven’t felt any peace anytime I remember this space. A lot has been going on ( For gooooooood), but I have found it really difficult to manage my time.



Again I’m back and this time I’d make conscious efforts to keep the blog running. There is soooooo much to share, I don’t even know where to begin. But I decided to appease you guys with this new BLOG SERIES, I know you love my story telling, I do too!






I wouldn’t say too much about this but be sure to follow up with every episode. You know my blog stories are not complete without some high fashion, so get readyyyy!!! Oh and by the way, for those who don’t know (Why aren’t you following on INSTAGRAM, by the way), Sole Divas now has a brick store in Port Harcourt. I’d give you all the details on that sooon.





What do you think about Room 88 so far, remember to drop your comments or click on a smiley below. You know what your feedback does to me. I feel so good to be back, the best feeling everrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!



Peace, Love and I sure did miss you







  • Mz Kemz
    June 20, 2019

    I’m exciteddddd already! Let’s goooooo!

  • Nchedo
    June 20, 2019

    Love it! This is just the sort of fiction I love to read, finding out what lies beneath the surface of these characters that you create so beautifully.

    Again, don’t stop writing!!!

  • Riri
    June 23, 2019

    Yaayyyyyyyy! We back, beautiful story babe. Already Excited about the next Episode.

  • Abimbola Sotomi
    July 5, 2019

    Wow! I was excited ooo! Another great work darling! Consider writing a book..This torture is not good Jare. I was lost in The story, crying and it just finished😱. You are a truly gifted.💕💕💕💕

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