Sole Divas Exclusive Interview: Joseph Limandri

Sole Divas Exclusive Interview: Joseph Limandri

Joseph Limandri lives in San diego, California and has a shoe fetish. I got to know about him when I saw these shoes he had crystallized. They looked to professional and I said to myself, Christian Louboutin will go green with envy.

Strassed to perfection!!

I am very big on details and nothing beats a pair of crystal embellished shoes. Setting precious stones on shoes with such precision by hand is no small feat. And what brand can be better as a muse than the Louboutins? Looking through his work showed just how passionate he is about what he does. His attention to EVERY detail is exquisite.


Our E-mail correspondence wasn’t a long one, he was kind enough to grant me the interview with no fuss. Here’s what we got down to. Enjoy!!
JAY: For how long have you been in the business of revamping and customizing female shoes and how did it start?
JOSEPH: When I was in high school, I used to buy and resell highend clothes on eBay for side money. This sparked my interest in designer footwear and the more shoes I bought and resold, the more I familiarized myself with all the different brands. This is when Christian Louboutin started becoming really popular, so I would poke around on the Purse Forum blog every now and then, particularly on the DIY Christian Louboutin Strassing section. I saw other women applying crystals to their own shoes so I figured I’d give it a shot myself.
Realizing there was also a niche market that hadn’t been tapped into yet for this type of service, I spent all the money I had and bought my very first pair of Louboutins along with Dark Indigo Swarovski crystals. My first pair took 40 hours to complete and they came out better than I thought. That was in August of 2010, but I didn’t start getting busy until the following January! I actually almost quit because I felt so discouraged. Luckily I stuck it out!

When you love what you do

JAY: Why the choice of Swarovski crystals?
JOSEPH: For a while, I was using both Preciosa and Swarovski, but after multiple incidents of Preciosa being inferior in quality and durability, I made the decision that Swarovski would be my main medium.I still use Preciosa every now and then, but usually only with ombre patterns as Preciosa has many colors that Swarovski doesn’t.

Know your crystals!

JAY: Did you have any formal education in this work of art?
JOSEPH: None at all. I used to draw as a kid but I had never made jewelry or executed anything similar to this technique.

JAY: How come you work with only Christian Louboutin Shoes?

JOSEPH: I work with all designer brands or high quality shoes in general, but my clientele just happens to send me the Louboutin brand more than any other. But hey, I’m not complaining!



JAY: What’s your client base like and have you done any work for any celebrities?

JOSEPH: I have been close to landing celebrities like Wendy Williams, Lala Vasquez, and Khloe Kardashian, but all of those fell through. I don’t mind, though; I have great repeat clients! They’re mainly brides or want something special for a specific occasion.


JAY: Do you plan to go into footwear design and manufacturing?

JOSEPH: That’s the end goal, but I haven’t made the necessary contacts for that just yet. I have an entire portfolio full of shoe sketches that are my absolute pride and joy, so I’d eventually like to put those sketches to good use and have my own footwear label.


JAY: What are your favorite footwear brands?

JOSEPH: My favorites are Casadei, Brian Atwood, Paul Andrew, Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olympia, Ralph&Russo, and a few other boutique brands that I follow on Instagram.

JAY: Tell us a bit about yourself and how your love for shoes came about?

JOSEPH: When I used to draw as a kid, I would flip through fashion magazines trying to find inspiration. I mainly drew faces, but I eventually started paying attention to the actual fashion and by the end of my teenage years, I became really interested in it after I started reselling clothes and shoes on eBay. I’ve always been artistic and attracted to color. I think you’ll find that evident in the projects I post on Redo My Shoe’s instagram. Anytime I get a chance to use a vibrant, colorful crystal, I take it!


JAY: If you had the chance to get into a celebrities shoe closet, whose will it be?
JOSEPH: I would love to get into Rihanna’s closet! She embodies the type of woman I would be if I were a celebrity because she essentially plays dress-up all the time.
  Image result for Rihanna's shoe fashion
JAY: What’s the next big thing for redo my shoe and what inspires your designs?
JOSEPH: I would love for Redo My Shoe to start branching off into clothing and costume design! I never find myself without a shortage of excess crystals, so I figure why not put them to good use and design something super unique that I can actually wear out myself! I am inspired by individuality; something that no one else has. I am inspired by color and using it in a way that adds an unexpected twist to an otherwise conventional product. I will say, though; I also find inspiration in texture. I love something that’s truly handmade and has visible marks of craftsmanship.
JAY: Share one fun fact about yourself – could be your favorite food, color, something you love to do. anything fun at all.

JOSEPH: I could probably sing Shania Twain’s ‘Forever and Always’ in karaoke, but I’ve never performed karaoke and don’t intent to anytime soon!


We got to chat about a lot more on this craftsmanship outside the interview and it was definitely educative.
I want to post a lot more DIY stuff on here and try my hands on a few basic ideas myself. It’s pretty amazing the type of simple things you can do yourself. Hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did.
Peace, Love and more strass

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