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Episode 7 here Dear Diary, I can't get over the lunch date i had today. This mumu Gbenga must really think highly of himself o. Very shallow thinker as well. I don't know how i managed 45 minutes with him and didn't hit his head with the bottle of red wine on the table. Imagine him saying no matter how accomplished a woman is, she must take her place in life as the second class citizen she is...

Episode 5 here...

Dear Diary,

*Sigh*... Shame will not even let me clock in here. I have really been humbled. The other night at Ai's house, i got an E-mail alert from my bank, turns out my account balance could not buy me a one way ticket to Abuja, and payday was still about 20 days away. I couldn't mention it to the girls. Going through my statement, it turns out all my money had been going recklessly on shoes. To think i still had debts to pay. I have no savings, no investments, no back up and i work so hard and earn so well. My parents must not know about this, they wouldn't let me hear the last of it. My dad would be so so disappointed. Damn, i bet you are too.

Thank God for Hakeem whose advice redeemed me. I have a lot of work to do on my finances. A whole lot of work. Meanwhile, plans for Ivie's wedding is underway, her dad wants to get it done as soon as possible. Surprisingly, they agreed on something small both for the bride price payment and the church wedding. It will be my first time in Benin and i'm looking forward to it.

After seeing my account balance in black and white, i literally went into freeze mode. I had less than N25,000 in heaven and on earth plus debts that were way over that amount which i had incurred sub-consciously buying this and that and most especially footwear.

Dear Diary,

Last night was magical and that is all. I cannot count how many times i cried. Choi, God needs to send me my own personal bae, not another person's bae o. My own gan gan. My brother scored best lover in the world goals for all that he put together for Sis Moji. The highlight for me was when he was acknowledging all his wrongs, and how he was committed to dedicate the rest of his life to loving her right, and then Timi Dakolo came out of no where singing "The Vow". I wish i could freeze that scene forever. From the corner of my eyes, i saw my mum shed a few tears, it was such a beautiful moment. And did my SIL look beautiful or not, her three looks from the vow renewal, the dinner, down to the after party dress were absolutely breath taking. Yesterday was all forms of magic. *SIGH*

Almost a week after the anniversary, and we couldn't stop talking about it. The girls and i were having an early dinner, the Friday after, at Aisha's place. She had made this really lovely oil-less efo riro with grilled fish and boiled plantain. I was fast adapting to fitfam life and literally in food heaven.

One of my style goals for this year is to get in the sun and take as many pictures as i can especially for the purpose of the blog. How can i be a shoe lover and blogger and keep hiding behind my computer? [caption id="attachment_3440" align="aligncenter" width="399"]IMG_4908[1] Out and about with my baby, #Snapchatfilters[/caption]I was de-cluttering the other day and found out some of my shoes had suffered from heat damage. I have not worn a lot of my shoes in about 2 years and to be honest i haven't also paid that much attention to them like i should (*bite me*). I have had to pick out some and say bye bye to them but some, i'm still guarding jealously.

Joseph Limandri lives in San diego, California and has a shoe fetish. I got to know about him when I saw these shoes he had crystallized. They looked to professional and I said to myself, Christian Louboutin will go green with envy.
[caption id="attachment_3339" align="aligncenter" width="640"]fullsizerender-41 Strassed to perfection!![/caption]

As much as i'm a shoe lover, a pointed toe pump lover and more importantly a louboutin lover, I knew thoughts of me were not anywhere on his mind when he created the "So Kate" pumps. He must have been thinking 50kg body weight, lean and slender. And no Christian, I ain't even mad at you. I understand totally. The So Kates would forever remain one of my absolutely favorite pumps, but from the first time I got the chance to put my feet in them, I knew they weren't for me. I used to be that girl that could rock 5" heels and wouldn't mind the discomfort. [caption width="453" id="attachment_3123" align="aligncenter"] 5" gladiator sandals in 2009[/caption]  Yea, my body weight and lifestyle those years could accommodate it. 7 years later with 3 kids and a shift in weight, i'm learning to embrace my reality till I can work my way back to yesteryears.  [caption width="2448" id="attachment_3124" align="aligncenter"] Mid heel sandals[/caption]  And this is why i'm here today.  It's one thing to buy a gorgeous pair of shoes, it's another thing to enjoy wearing them and thereby get your money's worth. I'd be sharing practical tips in this two part post on how to shop for shoes, online and in store.  Let's start with in store shopping which gives more room to make better decisions. [caption width="635" id="attachment_3102" align="aligncenter"] Shopping In store[/caption]  I can spend a whole week from store to store shoe shopping and I wouldn't complain for one minute. [caption width="625" id="attachment_3090" align="aligncenter"] The excitement[/caption] The fact that I can try on the shoes and see how they fit always gets me high (if you know what I mean). [caption width="450" id="attachment_3088" align="aligncenter"] Typical shoe lover[/caption] Essentially, these are things to look out for when shopping in store. COMFORT: The moment you put your feet in a pair of shoes, you know whether you can last an hour in them or not, trust me we always know, but sometimes because the shoes are too beautiful, we make excuses to accommodate the discomfort.  From experience Make sure you're wearing both pairs ( Most stores should give you a pair of clean nylon socks, if not, be sure your feet are clean) Walk around the store space allowed to see if the heels would carry your weight gracefully ,paying attention to pressure on your back, knees and the soles of your feet. And if your feet fit nicely and comfortably to the arch and width of the shoes. With this, you can tell the level of comfort you'd be getting and what you can or cannot manage.  If the heel is too thin, there are cone heels, platform heels, block heels e.t.c that are more comfortable.  No matter how tempting the thin heels maybe, you're better off admiring them. Your pocket and your feet would thank you later. [caption width="636" id="attachment_3094" align="aligncenter"] Painfully thin, most likely uncomfortable[/caption] I used to love pencil heels, I still do, I find them dainty and elegant, but I no longer go for them as they are not as comfortable as they used to be. I have found equally elegant heel styles that are way more comfortable. I love my heels, I just look out for what works best for me. [caption width="548" id="attachment_3096" align="aligncenter"] Cone heels for the win...

We all know by now that velvet is very much in trend. I love the lushness and vintage feel to it. Whether they are Luxury or high street, it'd be a shame to have them looking worn out after just a few wears. Just like suede, they tend to attract dirt faster than other shoe fabrics. So there's need to care for them from the first day. [caption id="attachment_2568" align="aligncenter" width="683"]ed0803a4-aa7e-4c37-b03c-407c53cbdf40 Top Shop Velvet and PVC mules[/caption] I'd share a few tips on how to care for and maintain your velvet shoes in the next few steps.

It's one thing to finally be able to buy those shoes you have been longing for, be it luxury or a steal. The fact that you've had to part with money, you want to make the most of it, right? In the past, I used to buy shoes just because, sometimes I don't even consider the comfort. I see it, I like it, I can afford it, then it's mine. Simple! Then I find out I can't wear them after the first try because they are simply not comfortable. screen-shot-2016-04-15-at-12_23_31 Now with more responsibility and other things to use money for, i'm a lot more careful. If I end up with an uncomfortable pair of shoes, I find a way to make it work for me. Today, I want to share with you 5 of the tricks I've learned over time to make uncomfortable shoes become comfortable.