Sole Divas DIY

It's Thursday, we should be throwing it back but instead let's DIY. Taking care of your shoes is important. They will only look good on your feet when they maintain the original state they were bought. Satin, Suede and Velvet are usually the most delicate materials to maintain, especially on this side of the world where we have to deal with a lot of dust. I will touch on all shoe upper materials in subsequent posts but today i'd start with Satin.

I recently copped these Dorothy Perkins Laser Cut Pumps in a nude color and i had been super excited about wearing them. Fast forward to Church the following Sunday, i had not taken more than a few steps and they started to bite, i mean bite really hard. Half way into the service, they were off so i could wiggle my toes. Tight shoes can be a mess. A few years ago, that would have been the last time i'd wear them, but because i have been forced to give out many shoes i love, i knew i had to find a solution. Those shoes were a size 8, there's no way i would not be able to wear them. So i put some hacks i had learned to use, which i should have done prior to that.

No more just a pair of in house footwear, the Pom Pom, feathers and fur shoe trend is one that has come to stay as a fashion statement piece. From Carrie Bradshaw's Dolce and Gabanna Fur Sandals featured in the HBO Sex And The City series to Paul Andrew's 2017 Fall/Winter Feather sandals at the 2017 New York Fashion Week, the trend has evolved over the years and looks like it's going no where.5h0Vy   paul-andrew-nyfw-fall-2017-shoes-photos-16

In recent times i have been trying my hands on shoe sketching. I would say i generally suck when it comes to drawing, so i've had to go back to the basics. I'm not perfect yet, it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, but there's an amazing feeling that comes with being able to interpret those ideas in your head on paper with a sketch. RELATED POST: THE AMAZING ARTWORK OF SOPHIA WEBSTER For every time i go into a stationery store now, i am collecting colored pencils and sketch pads and drawing pencils, it's my new obsession. Of course I've had to look up to some of my favorite footwear designers for inspiration and guidance and it's great to see that many of these shoes start with a sketch. You own it when you can add this and take that out and adjust this till you get just what it is you're looking to create. Manolo Blahnik by far has the most collection of sketches and this book Manolo Blahnik Drawings is up on my next "To Buy" list. (Hint Hint - Christmas never can come too early)

It's been an amazing 2 seasons in this mini series "The Diary Of A Shoe Lover". I trust you guys have enjoyed the story so far. What started out to be the story of a girl who was in love with shoes and would clean her bank account dry to get her favorite pair, grew into the lives, times and experiences of three women and their loved ones. I enjoyed writing every episode and i like how i was able to get lost in each character. Your favorite series will come to an end with this episode and i hope you've learned a few lessons or can relate to some of the experiences. Enjoy and share your thoughts. Xoxo, Jay.

Read Episode 6 here “Go Ai, go Ai, go Ai” I screamed at the top of my voice, attempting to compete with the booming sounds from the Bangs and Olusfen speakers in my living room. Wizkid’s Daddy Yo was playing and Aishat was giving us out of this world steps. It felt like our University years again. How I missed those days so much, when all we worried about were boys, making good grades and wearing the best clothes. *sigh* IMG_2005

Read Season 2 Episode 2 Here “I really needed this holiday” Aishat said, rolling over to her back. AISHAT BEACH   “I think I needed it more, I feel so alive being away from it all. It’s been a crazy past week.”  Ivie replied taking a sip of her Caipirinha.  ivie beach Three of us in Rio De Janeiro, we had decided to go on vacation for a week to get away from the troubles surrounding our once problem free lives. Everyday, being an adult seemed more unappealing.

I was listening to the 90's TLC's Waterfall a few days ago and remembered my friend Tosin, i remember we used to call her Ruka (From Rukayat, her muslim name) back then. Ruka and her siblings were the coolest kids on our street. She had older siblings in secondary school and the university and if i wasn't in school or in my house, then i was at theirs. 23a0d61299af31e6106a5b44cc31ff2c.1000x1000x1 Ruka and her sister Yemi, who we were all age mates, had access to every fashionable piece you could think of and they became my real time fashion icons. My love for shoes most likely started from the womb, because even at age 6/7, i remember hopelessly taking in the structure of their clogs and jelly sandals and running home to ask my mum to buy me a pair.

This post is inspired by my fitfam sister, Aramide. She was confused as to what shoes to pick between the Louboutin Iriza Glitter D'orsay pumps and Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. If you know me well, i have a very soft spot for Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik follows very closely. But i'd almost always go with a Louboutin design.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Image result for Louboutin black mid heel glitter dorsay pumps Iriza D'orsay Pumps[/caption]   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Image result for Manolo Blahnik Hangisi mid heel Hangisi 70MM Satin Pumps[/caption]