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If like me you're a 'simple' dresser but like to stand out, then you need to invest a lot more in accessories. There are quite a number of accessories you ignore or overlook that'd make a lot of difference with your outfits. And if there are flaws you like to hide that have stopped you from buying certain clothes, I'd share a few hacks with you. This post will basically be showing you fashion items to keep you in the game.  

One week, no post. Who missed me? I'm cooking up a storm for the next blog drama series and again i'm excited. While we wait, you can catch up on the just concluded Endangered In Heels.      On today's Style Guide post, I'd be sharing my top 5 accessories to work up a great dress up session. As a plus size, I tend to keep my outfit as simple as possible. As much as I love the edgy, avante garde side of fashion, it is imperative that I keep it simple.      

Hi guys, how's it been with my favorite people in cyber space? Hope we are all a bit more relaxed about fashion and having fun with it. The last time on Soledivas Style Ideas, I highlighted the color of shoes that best go with Orange and Yellow and I'm glad that quite a number of people got ideas from that post they have used.     I'd be working with Blue and Green outfits and the color of shoes that best go with them today. Green is my favorite color ever, I can't say it enough and it is easy to work with because it has so many shades. There's always a shade of green for everyone.  Blue is a color hue close to green and that is why I have paired them as I'd be using almost the same ideas to work with them.  

We tend to shy away from many color of clothes, or at the most, play it safe and I have found that with styling, there are no hard and fast rules and fashion is supposed to be fun.   Bright colors are in this season and the brighter, the better. I'd be focusing on Orange and Yellow in their many shades, and the color of shoes that best go with them. Whether you want a monochrome look, a mix of colors or just 2 colors that complement each other, here are a few style ideas for you.    



Before you sigh and calculate how one year is 365 days, those days go by very fast and before you know it, your goal is well on it's way to being achieved. So yes, you can set your shoe closet goals and achieve them within a year.   In setting your goals, you need to identify your shoe preferences and then start with stocking up on the basics.  

I've always loved my heels HIGH, like 5" or nothing high. That's the only way i feel elegant and can stand tall (Literally), given my 5ft 4" height. As long as the shoes were gorgeous looking and i could afford them, i would buy them not minding the height.     I suffered in silence. I was a die hard believer of "fashion is pain" especially with shoes and thank God i didn't die from the pain. I would go out wearing my heels looking fly on the outside and dying one step after the other on the inside. It didn't help that i wanted to look like the models on the runway, taking quick steps like i had sneakers on. As i got older (and wiser), i started to accept the fact that it wasn't the way to live.

As much as i love to talk non stop about fabulous shoes, it's important i share tips on how to get the best out of them too. Today's post is all about shoe storage in a small space.   So, you're a shoe lover and you buy shoes as often as you get your monthly cycle. Soon enough, you have your shoes scattered all over the place or mounted on top of one another, because you no longer have any more space to store them.

It's exactly 7 days to Valentine's day, oh yes, i'm counting. Getting a new pair of shoes for that dinner date maybe way out of budget. If you're like me, you may be bored with all your shoes at that moment. My go to solution at a time like that would be to DIY for love....hehehehehehe!!! In a few easy steps, here's how to take your shoe game from Bleh to Glam with Glitter.

It's Thursday, we should be throwing it back but instead let's DIY. Taking care of your shoes is important. They will only look good on your feet when they maintain the original state they were bought. Satin, Suede and Velvet are usually the most delicate materials to maintain, especially on this side of the world where we have to deal with a lot of dust. I will touch on all shoe upper materials in subsequent posts but today i'd start with Satin.