Shoespiration: Thank You Michelle Obama #FLOTUS

Shoespiration: Thank You Michelle Obama #FLOTUS

From conquering major world problems to being on Ellen Degenerees show to showing us how to love the men in our lives and in turn the world or being mummy to Malia and Sasha, Michelle Obama made a statement with her shoes.


Love her

She was a conservative First Lady and didn’t adorn the most glamorous footwear. Being a shoe size 11.5 didn’t help much too, but she always made a statement. 

We can safely credit the comeback of the kitten heels to her which she rocked so effortlessly. 

Jimmy Choo being her preferred footwear label, she is also known to have worn highstreet brands like H n M. 

From tailored suits to dresses and jeans, she had just the right pair to suit her style and her long endless legs…

Thank you Michelle Obama for showing us what womanhood should really look like. #FLOTUS

Peace, love and be powerful




  • Toms
    January 25, 2017

    MO inspires in every way. Nice article

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