I promised to share a few tips and tricks as to how to clean and care for your shoes after the holidays, and here it is. My first DIY post on shoe care was on suede and i hope many of you have been able to apply the things i shared there.

Today i’d be taking you through cleaning and maintaining the shine of Satin shoes. Satin shoes are probably the second most dreaded shoe fabric after suede especially when it comes to maintenance. I particularly love Satin because of the lush, luxurious feel and look they have and how they just seem to synchronize with the skin(whatever the tone). However, once they get any stain on them(oil,water, wine e.t.c), they automatically lose all that shine.



First is learning to protect your shoes and maintaining that lush look, and what better way to protect your satin shoes than HAIRSPRAY… Yes, an oil based hairspray would be perfect for this. Many of us have shoes we probably don’t wear in a month, 2 or even 3 months (if you are like me, make that 1 year). Such shoes need the most attention. Once in a month or as time would permit, keep them protected.


hair spray


1. Spray your shoes with hair spray holding the can about 6″ away covering the entire area of the shoe and making sure not to soak any area.

2. Give about 2- 3 coats. Make sure to let it get dry between coats. This will give your shoes a different kind of shine and protect it from easily absorbing dirt.

To clean your shoes in between wears


Sophia Webster Lola Gem stone satin pumps

1. Use a nylon stocking to wipe off any dirt on the surface of the shoe down to the heel making sure you are not rubbing against the fabric (follow the smooth line of the fabric and not in the opposite direction.)

2. Spray with hair spray (*as directed above*) and store.

Note: NEVER use water to clean your satin shoes as they tend to hold on to water thereby leaving watermarks and this ruins the overall look of your shoes.

In the event that your shoes get stained, here’s a quick way to clean such stains

1. Using an oil based soap, (i will recommend hair shampoo), squirt some in a bowl of warm water and loosen it up using your hands.


oil based shampoo


2. Dip a soft sponge in the mixture, squeeze out the excess water and rub the stain gently in the direction of the fabric till the stain fades away.


Squeeze out excess water


3. Mop off any excess water with a soft towel and buff with a lint free dry cloth.

4. Dry it further immediately with a hair dryer on the lowest heat (Don’t leave it to air dry as this may cause watermarks to form)


keep your dryer on the lowest heat


For tougher stains, bring out the VODKA.


1. Wet a piece of dry cloth with vodka and wipe gently on the stain rubbing along the direction of the fabric till the stain fades away.




2. Spray your shoes with hair spray to bring back the shine and leave to air dry.

For best results, keep your satin shoes stored in cotton shoe bags.


store in shoe bags


Let me know if any of these tips have saved your shoes and if you do have any more tips to share, use the comment section.