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Episode 2 Here Dear Diary,  "This my kangaroo pouch is really starting to annoy me, i have to take this my fitfam life seriously. My gym subscription is just there wasting away, hiss! I need to get this body snatched for Bro Femi's wedding anniversary. Who knows, maybe that's where someone will meet bae, the little things that turn people off, it might just be this protruding belly that will kill my market. This week was good and no i didn't buy any shoes, thank you! But i did rock my Dior pumps to the Guinness meeting we had on Wednesday, i felt like a boss. Hakeem outdid himself with this one, God bless his sweetheart. Aisha and Ivie are spending the weekend here, girl time is always a good time" My mum had goshed about my newly acquired dior shoes and even called Hakeem to tease him. After church service, i stopped by briefly at his house to say thank you again. I met one of his many flings, she was there trying to give me an attitude and as usual i had a good laugh. All the girls in Hakeem's life were always threatened by me. With the ones he got serious with, i maintained my boundaries. I won't want to feel the same way too. But for the ones that were just there for the body count, i sometimes made their lives miserable. I went back home and took the rest of the day off to get some rest in preparation for the week ahead. The week went by pretty fast, lots of meetings and like i had guessed, Mr Deinde was making it a point of duty that i worked for my pay raise and the commission for the deal we landed. I can't even complain, i love my job. And knowing that i can work hard and keep climbing up the ladder, gives me this adrenaline rush. "Aunty, you didn't even hear me come in" said Aisha, as she threw herself on the sofa beside me. "Hey mama, wait wait stand up, you're looking hot o this babe. See your waist all snatched and tinz, or you dey wear waist trainer?" i replied, as i dragged her up and made her do a turn. She was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt but she looked hotter than a size 12 wearing a body-con dress. "Thanks to my fitness coach, that April babe and the group have really helped my life. I've told you to sign up. Even if you can't make out time to work out, get serious with the meal plan and free yourself from eating crap. As you can see, you are what you eat". She said slowly turning around for me to see her transformed body. "Abeg let me hear word, but i need help o, see my stomach Aisha, so embarrassing, if i don't wear my waist trainer, my entire outfit becomes a mess. " I said, grabbing my love handles. I was proud of Aisha though, not only had she dropped from a dress size 20 to a size 14, she was looking all defined and toned. Not skinny, a little thick but in all the right places. I should try this fitmrsfat, abi what's that her instagram handle. "So what's the plan for the weekend now, are we just going to sit here and talk about our bodies. Where's Ivie, i thought she would be here already sef?" Aisha said, digging into her jeans pocket to get her phone. "She'd be here soon, i guess, you know she can pack for Africa. I just want to spend the weekend indoors o, gist, eat, sleep and watch tv. We can go swimming at my brother's house later this evening. I'd call Sister Moji to see if it's ok." I said, checking DSTV box office for movies. "Ok, their anniversary is coming up, how far?" Aisha asked "It's in 2 weeks. We should start putting our outfits together, me i must look hot that day. In fact, let me sign up with this your coach and see the magic she can perform in 2weeks", i said as i picked up my phone to send an email to April. "She doesn't perform magic boo, follow her instructions and you will see results. So don't waste your money if you are not ready. You need to prepare yourself mentally." Aisha replied. "I am ready o, do i know if my husband to be would find me at my brother's party?" Aisha chuckled in reply. "I think Ivie is here" I said, pulling back the curtain to see who drove in. She was the one. I watched her park and get down from her car. She was always dressed up, and coming to mine to chill wasn't different. Even to bed, Ivie had to make a statement. While all my money went on shoes, Ivie's money went on her clothes, shoes, bags and weaves. She was a designer freak and seeing as she could afford it, she indulged herself. Being an only child, her father, an Ex minister in Edo State, spoiled her silly. Her boyfriend was also a top shot in SHELL and she wasn't doing too badly herself, she worked in oil and gas and got paid well. Ivie was the smallest of us all, with her size 10 body, and her abs were ultimate goals. She was very conscious of her body, worked out at least 4 times a week and ate healthy 90% of the timeand had been that way since our days in the university and i admired her discipline. We caught up on our plans for the weekend and decided to go for a run that evening since my Sis-in-law had said we should leave our swimming till the following day. I had just exchanged a couple of Emails with April and transferred the subscription fee. While i waited for my meal plan and other instructions, i might as well start working out. I had all the fitfam gadgets you could think of, but i never used them. All that would change now. After dinner, a...

Last week I posted on instagram, Pantone's color of the year. At the end of every year, the company comes up with a themed color for the following year. This color is used across all industries - Fashion, Construction, Interior, Manufacturing and wherever the use of colors are relevant. So it sort of trends for the year. Get the drift? Anyway, this year's Pantone color is Green. Think nature - trees, forests, grass and of course think shoes. Green happens to be my favorite color by the way. I love it in almost all the shades it comes in and it works perfectly for my skin tone. This is one color that comes in so many shades leading you up the spectrum to yellow and at some point leaning towards blue. As with shoes, it comes in many different shades, textures, styles, you will literally go green with envy. Take a deep breathe, oxygenate and re invigorate with the many shades of green. Enjoy [caption id="attachment_3602" align="aligncenter" width="492"] Khaki Green[/caption]       You can't go wrong with this one as there's something for every skin tone. Which of the shades are your favorites? I find it funny when people say you have too many shoes. There's no such thing as that. For example, what do i do with all these greens? How do i decide if they'd come in wedges, sandals or pumps...

Episode 1 Here Dear Diary, "Sope's wedding has to be the best wedding i've attended ever. Whattttt? From the church service to the reception and then the after party. And to think she planned most of it herself. She should just go into events planning and call it a day. Just so you know, i didn't buy the rose gold sandals and that's because they were gone before me and mumc got to Sole Divas store. Guess what tho?, mum lent me her Sergio Rossi Gold sandals. I had to change the style of my dress last minute so i could flaunt them, maybe that's why i enjoyed the party so much. The perks of wearing the same size as your fashionista mama. Meanwhile, we got the Guinness contract and yes i got a raise plus a commission. Can the year start out any better than this?. Let me get ready, Hakeem is picking me up in an hour." It's not everyday my mum lets me wear her shoes. It doesn't even happen yearly. For her to give me her almost $1,000 plus Sergio Rossi sandals and i didn't have to ask, this year is indeed my year. Because of her, i love luxury shoes, but my pocket cannot afford them yet and in my house, you do not live above your means, that is how my dad raised us. Now, i'm starting to appreciate it better because only God knows the kind of gbese i would have found myself in. Even with the high street brands i buy, i still find myself in debts. The only 2 pairs of luxury shoes i own are my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps in Nude and the Pigalle Follies in Black. My mum gave me the black pair as a graduation gift, she said she wanted me to slay while i'm looking for work. SMH, that woman is just something else. The nude pair came from my dad when i got my first job as an accounting assistant right after my NYSC. He said he was proud i got the job myself without getting him to 'push any buttons'.  I love my family, my life will suck without them. Tough love, but very genuine. "Your lover is here o", announced Dayo, my immediate older brother, as he came in to my room. "Who is your lover, you have come again?" i replied, checking myself out in my full length wardrobe mirror. I looked good sha. Hakeem had sent a text a few days back telling me he would be in town and would like for us to go out to lunch to catch up. He had moved to Dubai a year ago after landing himself a job with a multinational engineering firm.  I smoothed out my pleated skirt and grabbed my purse. Hakeem and i had been friends for over ten years. We met at the Teens Church when we lived in Surulere. We had hit it off nicely and remained friends over the years seeing each other through our many relationships and consoling ourselves through heartbreaks but were never intimately attracted to each other at any point of our friendship. It was a breath of fresh air from my other male friends who always found their way to asking me out or who i ended up being emotionally attached to. "This one you're looking so hot, later you'd say you are just friends" Dayo teased, heading back towards the door. "Dee, abeg free me, me and the guy are just friends and you know. If i wanted to date him, i would have" i replied, wondering what he was on about. "I'm just looking out for you sissy, i don't have any more tissue to clean your heartbroken teary eyes" He said and shut the door behind him. My eyes picked on my mum's Rene Caovilla Pumps she had worn to Sope's wedding waiting to be cleaned,bagged and returned to her closet. I made a mental note to get to it this weekend before the woman would have my head for dinner. For now, I was just going out to have lunch and see a movie with my girls after. "Mehn, Salewa, Hakeem has changed a lot o" Ivie said as she pulled up in front my house. We had just left the Maryland Mall in Ikeja to see The Wedding Party. Ivie Odiase and Aisha Musa Illo have been my best friends since our primary school years. Of course we all have other friends from our different Universities and work places but like peas in a pod, we have been inseparable. "You guys keep saying the guy has changed, me i don't see what you are talking about", i replied, as i collected the Saks5thAvenue bag Hakeem had given me from Aisha, while we were at lunch earlier. I was way too anxious to see what was in the bag, but he had insisted that i wait till i get home. "At least, i hope you can see the guy has eyes for you and before you ask me what that means, he likes you and wants to be with you, shikena" Aisha, the very say it as it is girl said, handing me the bag. "All i know is that, i had a good time, i'm tired and i need my bed. Good night girls!" i replied and got out of the car, sending them air kisses. It had been a good day and as i made my way into the house, i thought about Hakeem. He had seemed a bit strange at lunch, not his usual chatty self. He was a bit formal and i think nervous but i had overlooked it. With the girls' insinuations, i was starting to think again, but i couldn't quite place my mind on it. I got into my room, took my shoes off and placed them beside my mum's, so i would remember to clean them out. I was too anxious to open the bag and my heart literally stopped when i did. Not just one, but two pairs of Christian Dior shoes from the 2016 collection. I had kind of guessed they were shoes, it wasn't Hakeem's...

Atlanta based Nigerian style influencer and blogger, Monica Awe Etuk is my style crush today. What strikes me the most about her is the way she can make one fashion item look like you've never seen it before even after she has worn it a couple of times and more. [caption width="400" id="attachment_3547" align="aligncenter"]4618829_image Monica Awe Etuk[/caption]

Joseph Limandri lives in San diego, California and has a shoe fetish. I got to know about him when I saw these shoes he had crystallized. They looked to professional and I said to myself, Christian Louboutin will go green with envy.
[caption id="attachment_3339" align="aligncenter" width="640"]fullsizerender-41 Strassed to perfection!![/caption]

Whoop whoop, it's December, one of my favorite months of the year. I'm in the holiday mood right now and wrapping up the year to better focus on the year to come. It will be a bit slow on the blog but remember to follow us on all our social media pages.  It's Christmas party season. What better reason to think shoesssss.... As usual there'd be a lot of events this holiday - from house parties to pool parties, end of year office gigs, fashion shows, concerts and anything you can think of. So I drew up a wish list of some of my favorite luxury shoes that scream Christmas. Here we go, [caption id="attachment_3252" align="aligncenter" width="650"]b7aebd27bb648bf13d726011884f3545 These Sophia Websters scream pool side fun paired with an all white outfit and over size sunglasses with a tall glass of Pina Colada....[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3257" align="aligncenter" width="407"]nmx2wp0_mu Sophia Webster[/caption]

Think Pearls, Precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals, Studs and Spikes, I'm your ultimate embellishment shoe lover. Image result for rene caovilla ankle wrap embellished sandals I like all types of details, from embroidery to prints to paints and all forms of motifs, heel structures, textures everything in between. But today, I'd focus on foot candy from both luxury and high street brands and share some of my favorite ornamented footwear to adorn your feet.

In a bid to keep you entertained, each episode of In Her Closet comes with another fashionista, people we love to see on TV or read about. This week I have sultry Actress and Model, Adunni Ade. [caption id="attachment_3142" align="aligncenter" width="408"]adunni-ade The beautiful and sultry Adunni Ade[/caption] The beautiful actress and mother of 2 is Half Nigerian and Half German. While she spent a part of her growing years in New York, she got into runway modeling and was on Tyra Banks' America Next Top Model.