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Read Season 1, Episode 9 here "I have to go now" said Ivie, as she picked up her Gucci bag and car keys and gave me a peck on the cheek. "This Osas' school management can just be very over sabi, like they love the children more than we the parents. If we're more than 10 minutes late in picking them up, it's a  problem" She said, as she waved and walked towards the door of the restaurant where we just had lunch. It had been 5 years after her wedding to Eddy and Hakeem's proposal to me and so many things had happened. Ivie now had a 4 year old daughter and another baby on the way. Pregnancy suited her and she had stuck to her healthy habits all the way and she remained as fashionable as ever but in a more mature way. ivie lunch

I was listening to the 90's TLC's Waterfall a few days ago and remembered my friend Tosin, i remember we used to call her Ruka (From Rukayat, her muslim name) back then. Ruka and her siblings were the coolest kids on our street. She had older siblings in secondary school and the university and if i wasn't in school or in my house, then i was at theirs. 23a0d61299af31e6106a5b44cc31ff2c.1000x1000x1 Ruka and her sister Yemi, who we were all age mates, had access to every fashionable piece you could think of and they became my real time fashion icons. My love for shoes most likely started from the womb, because even at age 6/7, i remember hopelessly taking in the structure of their clogs and jelly sandals and running home to ask my mum to buy me a pair.

Flared heels aren't a new trend, they've been around for many years and this is evident with these Yves Saint Lauren Pumps from the 80s. As the name implies, they are heels that flare out at the bottom. [caption id="attachment_8542" align="aligncenter" width="570"]  s340681616235293554_p81_i2_w1024 1980s Yves Saint Laurent[/caption] But since block heels became a thing, the flared heels became the stylish twist to rocking a pair of block heels. In pumps and sandals, there are way too many pairs to ogle and indulge in. Check these out...

It's been a really busy period for me this past few weeks. But i'm slowly but surely settling in and i must say it's really nice here so far. My kids have done two weeks of school, and between the Teachers and Parents, i must confess, their shoe game is up there (It comes naturally, shoes are the first thing i notice on any one).  Meanwhile, let's play catch up. I haven't been here as often, and my To Post list keeps getting longer, time is a huge factor me now as i haven' t settled into a routine but it gets better everyday and in no time, the posts will get back to being at regular intervals. Be the first to know that Diary Of a Shoe Lover Season 2 will be here next weekend. Be sure to catch up on the 9 Episodes of Season 1, if you haven't, so you're not left out. 5 years after, what has happened in the lives of Salewa, Ivie and Aishat? Find out next weekend *wink* Let me run you through quickly on what went down in the months of March and April.... (Click on the highlighted links)

It's one of the most exciting yearly events for me because it's purely fashion oriented, it's said to be the GRAMMY of fashion. And with a theme to guide each year, many celebrities show up prepared. Last year was themed Manus x Machina: Age of technology This year was in honor of Rei Kawakubo, the Japanese avant-garde designer of Comme des garcon. [caption id="attachment_8486" align="aligncenter" width="611"] Rei Kawakubo[/caption] Her pieces are known to be beyond the norm leaning more towards Art, so I was curious to see who would be able to work that theme. 

I'm settling in nicely in Port Harcourt and i can feel the good vibes already. Still not enough time on my hands but i can't leave my favorite people, my fellow shoe lovers, hanging without a post. Going through Net A Porter last night, i saw they had in stock some of the shoes that hit the runway during fashion week for the release of the Spring 2017 footwear collection by some of my favorite designers, and i'm wondering which of these i will rock or splurge on if i could?

I need all the smileys i can get to express myself in this post. I'm physically and mentally drained but in a good way. Moving houses officially has to be the hardest thing ever. Even worse when it's inter state. So i guess what i'm saying is that I've just moved houses from Warri, Delta State to Port Harcourt City and the past few weeks have been work work work. It is a move I've anticipated for some time now so it's been happy kind of work. I'd share my excitement with you guys much later. And that explains why i have been absent.

One of the hardest parts of blogging is sharing your contents. I mean there are a gazillion blogs out there with amazing posts, it's overwhelming keeping up with all of them. But i was thinking to myself, i put up so many posts and trust me it takes a lot of time and effort to get it right. Of what use it is if no one is reading?

This is officially the first His Perspective post and it features the owner of Made in Nigeria footwear brand "Senators Footwear", Adeyeye Awope.  [caption width="640" id="attachment_7598" align="aligncenter"] Yeye in his brand slippers[/caption] I'd be reviewing a pair of slippers I got from the brand for the hubs and our boys, a few months ago. I held out on this post for a few months to have enough time to see how much wear and tear the slippers could withstand.  Here's my verdict: Quality- I like that the slippers were neatly made and for their price tag, the material is durable and from very frequent wear especially by the hubs, we haven't had to go to the cobblers for a fix. There was a lift in leather off the sole on my sons pair but that is probably one out of many.  Comfort and fit: All I had to do was provide the universal U.K. Size for the 3 of them and was specific about making Le Hubs pair a wide fit and they fit just right. My younger son's pair were a bit loose initially because I had picked a size up but now they fit perfectly.  Affordability: The brand promises to bring you affordable luxury. At the time I placed my orders, I got the boys' pairs at N7,000 each and Le hubs pair for N12,000.  Delivery was prompt and packaging was well thought out. Overall I'd rate the brand 7.5. Over the months, I have seen new designs and there's something for the female folks too.  Our interview cannot be missed, enjoy below.  E Interview with Yeye Awope JAY: What is style to you?? YEYE: For me Style is a way of life. It is what differentiates you from the next person. I also believe in comfort and luxury. I believe in keeping it simple, classy and trendy. JAY: What inspired your going into producing footwear? YEYE: I love shoes. What is that line that goes, by their feet you shall know them...

This post is inspired by an Instagram post i saw yesterday. It was of the Dolce and Gabanna Spring 2017 Fringe Sandals. I found them really fun and realized they were still trending since 2015 that they became a hit. [caption width="501" id="attachment_7025" align="aligncenter"]FullSizeRender (89) As seen on Instagram[/caption] [caption width="510" id="attachment_7018" align="aligncenter"]11933907-Black-7c05d2dc- Spring 2017 Fringe pumps[/caption] [caption width="500" id="attachment_7019" align="aligncenter"]11933907-Black-d43a7583- D & G[/caption]They are an absolutely fun way to make a statement with your shoes. You can't but get noticed with a pair like these. Many other brands have had their designs, some keeping it simple, others going wild with it.