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No more just a pair of in house footwear, the Pom Pom, feathers and fur shoe trend is one that has come to stay as a fashion statement piece. From Carrie Bradshaw's Dolce and Gabanna Fur Sandals featured in the HBO Sex And The City series to Paul Andrew's 2017 Fall/Winter Feather sandals at the 2017 New York Fashion Week, the trend has evolved over the years and looks like it's going no where.5h0Vy   paul-andrew-nyfw-fall-2017-shoes-photos-16

This time Efemena Tommy Adabamu creates magic on the second episode in this season of In Her Closet. It's the second interview where we get to see a man's perspective of what her closet should be like and Efe Tommy as he is popularly known was spot on. RELATED POST: HIS PERSPECTIVE WITH MOSES EBITE OF MOASH STYLING Known for his man bags and his clean cut styles, Efe has been on the fashion scene for more than just a few years. He is a media personality, TV Presenter, Style enthusiast, Fashion Blogger among many other things. His outing at the New York Fashion Week 2016 was my first real encounter of his fashion statements, on to the Lagos Fashion and Design Week of the same year, where his street style on all 3 days made headlines in the fashion world. RELATED POST: LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK 2016 From being in Dubai Design district, and a judge on the Miss Nigeria USA along side famous stylist, Ty Hunter and currently back in New York for the 2017 New York Fashion week, Efe has held the fashion world spell bound not leaving his man bags behind. This is one of those interviews that didn't come so easy as he was in one event or job or the other almost all year. When he was finally able to send in his answers, he indeed created magic. Permit me to say, he is too much sauce. Enjoy!!! E INTERVIEW WITH EFE JAY: Being a media personality, fashion and style is something you're obviously very passionate about. Describe your personal style in one word. EFE: Tailored JAY: Man bags or shoes, which would you pick if you had to pick just one? EFE: Is that a valid question? Shoes of course!  JAY: Who's your favorite male footwear designer and how many of their pieces can we find in your closet? EFE: Has to be Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent amongst others. And I have about 15 pairs of both all together now but my favorite would be the black velvet slippers from the 20th anniversary collection. Because Louboutin are normally uncomfortable but that one is too comfortable. [caption id="attachment_42492" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Efe at NYFW 2017 with Nikki spotting Louboutin[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Some of his favorite things[/caption] JAY: You meet and are surrounded by a lot fashionable women everyday, what is the first thing you notice in a woman's outfit? EFE: First thing I notice when I see a woman is her presence. I actually feel that before I take notice of every other thing. Shoe, bag, outfit. But your presence speaks more to me. One must carry a good aura. It speaks volumes. [caption id="attachment_42473" align="aligncenter" width="803"] With Yvonne Nwosu at LFDW 2016[/caption] JAY: Bags, jewelry, hair, shoes, clothes - which would be your ideal gift to a woman? EFE: Jewelry of course, it's timeless! JAY: Who's your favorite footwear designer for female footwear ? EFE: Now this is putting me on the spot. I love too many brands. But Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Alessandro Michelle's Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Dolce & Gabanna are few of my favorites.  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Alessandro Michele[/caption] JAY: What is that one shoe style you think every woman should own? EFE: A pair of stilettos. It is a must! JAY: What is your pet peeve ( something you hate to see) when it comes to women and their shoes? EFE: Dirty shoes.  RELATED POST: SHOE CARE JAY: Who is/are your female style icon(s) home and away? EFE: Jackie Onassis, Michelle Obama, Nike Oshinowo, Late Princess Diana. Doesn't get better than that.  RELATED POST: MICHELLE OBAMA SHOESPIRATION JAY: You've been to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK and served us some major sauce at LAGOS FASHION AND DESIGN WEEK, how would you describe the 2 experiences? EFE: Totally different. NYFW is something every style enthusiast should experience. And with LFDW, I think we are moving and very fast at that. There is nothing to compare. It's two different things and one has a longer experience. JAY: What's the most you've spent on a pair of shoes? EFE: Honestly, $2,200 for a pair of Rocco P Chelsea boots. Those are my type of shoes JAY: Have you caught any female in an embarrassing shoe moment? Pls Share with us. EFE: Not really but I just hate to see women wearing shoes not their size or wear cheap shoes that when they are standing, the heels are bending. It is a moment your enemy should not see you in.  JAY: One style tip for the females.. EFE: Dress comfortable, smell great and own your throne at all times. I had a million questions for him, but i had to prune them down. Thank you Efe and im so looking forward to this year's Lagos Fashion Week. Peace, Love and Own your throne XOXO Jay...

It's Monday and a fresh start to get those goals. Some days, there's just no zeal to get into anything higher than 1.5". This Monday could be one of those days. I always say flat shoes don't have to be boring. Leave the basic pairs and step out in the shoe pick of the day, the MIU MIU Pearl embellished Flat Nude Pumps. Featuring double straps embellished with pearls and a pointed toe front, the rich nude patent leather makes it all the more interesting. Looking to splurge, you can get these pair here. Wear these with a jumpsuit and a statement jacket and you can even take that from day to night say you have a date with the significant other or even your girls. Other great steals similar to the MIU MIU pair can be found on ASOS. Shop them for as low as 20 pounds or N10,000. Have a great start to the week.   Peace, Love and More Shoes XOXO Jay    ...

When Beyonce dropped the 4 album back in 2011, she wore these outlandish shoes that mere mortals will only ever imagine for the album cover and campaign shoot. I stumbled upon the picture again recently and decided to find out more about the shoes. Turns out to be the creation of a dutch designer - JAN TAMINIAU. download (1) Image result for beyonce in jan taminiau Taminiau is known for his love for traditional production techniques, antique materials, the search for the right shape and the penchant for aesthetics. His work has a refined, conceptual undertone yet never loses sight of the elegant, feminine and wearable form.

Not many people may know or have heard about the brand New Look, but if you know, you certainly know. I have worn the brand since my days in University and when i need some high street love that is friendly to my pocket, i still look to them. With as little (or as much) as N10,000, you can have a pair too. Image result for new look For those who don't know New Look is a South African-owned British global fashion retailer, founded in 1969, with a chain of high street shops all around the world. Related image Over the years, i have mastered (in every sense of the word) the art of picking their best pieces. I have retailed their shoes too and so can tell a bad choice almost as soon as i see it. I'd always consider them as one of my favorite go to high street brands when my budget would not let me splurge and i'm in need of some retail therapy... What girl doesn't always need one?

I remember so clearly the first pair of Rene Caovilla shoes i ever came across online. They were from Net-A-Porter, i was, as always, feeding my eyes on their new arrivals when these mules jumped at me. It screamed everything Jay's style. They weren't too loud and so in your face but you couldn't help but notice them. Image result for rene caovilla shoes net a porter   It didn't take more than a second to click on the brand name and i was let into the world of Rene Caovilla - Lots of Precious stones, Court style, Sling backs, Mules, Flats and the signature silver sparkly outsoles.

In recent times i have been trying my hands on shoe sketching. I would say i generally suck when it comes to drawing, so i've had to go back to the basics. I'm not perfect yet, it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, but there's an amazing feeling that comes with being able to interpret those ideas in your head on paper with a sketch. RELATED POST: THE AMAZING ARTWORK OF SOPHIA WEBSTER For every time i go into a stationery store now, i am collecting colored pencils and sketch pads and drawing pencils, it's my new obsession. Of course I've had to look up to some of my favorite footwear designers for inspiration and guidance and it's great to see that many of these shoes start with a sketch. You own it when you can add this and take that out and adjust this till you get just what it is you're looking to create. Manolo Blahnik by far has the most collection of sketches and this book Manolo Blahnik Drawings is up on my next "To Buy" list. (Hint Hint - Christmas never can come too early)

We see all these pictures of brides in their $1,000 plus shoes, sometimes 2 to 3 pairs, one for every outfit totaling almost $3,000 to $4,000 on the whole. Not everyone has that fairy tale lifestyle, not everyone is there yet! Image result for Rene caovilla bridal shoes So yea, we have brides to be on a budget (Sometimes a very strict one), who love their shoes and want to get the best their money can buy. If you're one of them or know one of them, this post is certainly for you. With the current exchange rate of about N370 to 1$ and N474 to a Pound, it's almost discouraging to want to buy anything. I have been able to come up with shoes from between N10,000 to N100,000 from a few very good brands. In this post, there's something for everyone. From Kurt Geiger to Badgley Mischka, Ted Baker, MENBUR and Kate Spade, check out these affordable beauties for your special day.

I was chatting with a friend yesterday and she mentioned she was looking into investing in a few luxury shoes but didn't know which ones to look out for. It'd be a shame to part with hundreds or even thousands of dollars for shoes you would end up not wearing. After loads and loads of reviews and experiences, here are a few classic shoes you cannot go wrong with. I like that they are timeless and so would work with every season year in year out. You can build your luxury collection with these ones and many if not all of them are wide feet friendly.