New Blog Series – From The Cradle To The Grave (A Woman’s Journey)

New Blog Series – From The Cradle To The Grave (A Woman’s Journey)

Hey Lovers, this one has been cooking for quite some time now, 3 years to be precise. You know one of those stories you start and leave for 6 months, go back to, without ever finishing it.



From The Cradle To The Grave is inspired by real life situations. A story based on the lives of the women around me – Some I grew up with, others I met along the way and some from just across hall. I have always been intrigued by the elements that make up a person’s personality and in turn what they turn out to be.


I have seen the weak , the helpless, the broken, the determined, the fortunate, the strong willed, the achiever and so on, either as stand alone situations or a mix of one or two. Psychology, Emotions, Spirituality are strong forces that can’t be denied their places in the lives of any human being.



This series will be about 4 women in different phases of their lives. From decade to decade, we see how their childhood experiences affect who they become in their later years in life. Syncing the early and later years of each character has been quite a challenge but as the story develops, it comes together.





My aim is for people to realize that every life experience can be related with and so no one is in any situation alone. At the end of this series, a story would have been told, experiences shared, hopes rekindled, broken hearts healed and most importantly for everyone to believe that real love exists in the midst of all the negativity around us- the pure, undiluted, unconditional type of love. You only need to give it out unconditionally to receive it in multiple folds.



Let’s Meet The Main Characters Through Each Decade


Simisola Obe is 9 years old, born into a stable family of 7, she’s the 3rd girl and the 4th of 5 children. She grew up in a decent and loving environment and knows nothing but love and laughter until she discovers a secret.




16 year old Belema Opreh is the first child and only girl, born into a dysfunctional and below average family. With a physically abusive father, a weak mother and a younger brother, she is determined not to live the same life as her parents.



Amanda Obiwuru is 23 years old and an only child. Her mum is late and her very wealthy father never remarried. She has the best of everything in life but lives in bitterness and intense pain from a dark secret that has held her bound to her past.





40 year old Rahmat Abubakar is married into wealth with 3 beautiful children. Sold into marriage by her father just when she was 15 years old, she is about to take a major decision that will bring her the freedom she has yearned for for 25 years.





Apart from attending the same school at some point in their lives and starting out as friends, all four women have two things in common – the zeal and passion to find peace and happiness through life’s blows and challenges and an undeniable love for shoes and fashion.


I bet you all can’t wait for this one to start. When it does, make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend. Lives are bound to be positively changed forever. Expect high fashion as well as there’d be a lot of style tips in the course of the series. What can be more fun than a good story line, fashion and fabulous shoes.



It’s your girl Jay,



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