Momspiration Pt 1: Meet The Versatile Shopper, Remi Fagboghun

Momspiration Pt 1: Meet The Versatile Shopper, Remi Fagboghun

I’m all for woman power, women supporting women and everything along that line. Juggling being a wife, a mother, a home maker and a career amongst other unrecognized roles is a feat that should be crowned.

When you find a woman that fits into these many shoes and tops it up with being a fine ass fashionista, she is worthy of a special blog post and more. In the next few weeks, Mondays will be dedicated to fashionista moms in these series MOMSPIRATION for #momcrushmonday

The Versatile Shopper

The Versatile Shopper

Remi Fagbohun is one terrific mom I have followed since my early days on Instagram. Her infectious happy spirit and easy disposition to life not to mention her fashion game drew me to her.


Remi Fagbohun



She’s an American based personal shopper and a stylist to some of the biggest names in Nigeria. A wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur, she’s one of those women who look so good in their 40s, you start to question your existence if you’re in your 20’s and out of shape.


With her son, Charles


Date night with her husband at the 2nd anniversary of 803lounge in New Jersey and ooooh that Versace dress ??????

With her love and taste for/in shoes, her high sense of style and zestful nature, she’s my no 1 feature mom for the series…


You wouldn’t want to miss out on my interview with her for IN HER CLOSET.


Hey there ⭐️⭐️⭐️

On on the streets, at home, routing for Charles in school, date nights with Mr F, she’s always looking hot. And yea, she’s over 40, body goals, no?. A loud Yes and an Amen.

Boss lady

Boss lady

Owambe ready

Owambe ready

Peace, Love and Fashionable Moms

Xoxo ?


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