Momspiration Pt 2: Folake Kuye Huntoon of Style Pantry

Momspiration Pt 2: Folake Kuye Huntoon of Style Pantry

Today’s feature on #momspiration got me thinking if there’s anything about growing up in the bronx that takes your styling game up a notch. Remember Remi Fagbohun from the last feature? She was also born and raised in Brooklyn New York.


How can you claim to be a fashion lover and not know Folake Huntoon? That was the exact question I asked myself about 2years ago when I first stumbled upon her instagram profile.


She is my fashion muse and there’s hardly ever a day in blogosphere I’m not on her blog .


Folake is 40years old, a mum of 3, a wife, a stylist and the creative director of the organic clothing line, We We clothing.


Folake’s style is daring yet easy on the eyes. From wearing statement pieces to mixing colors and matching patterns, every look is a hit.


What I love the most about her style would be her footwear collection (naturally), she has an amazing collection and has every pair I have ever crushed on.


Moving on to her wide leg pants and her bohemian hair, I can live in her closet only I’m a size 16 and her trousers won’t go past my ankle.

On the red carpet, the side walk or working up a fashion storm, Mrs Huntoon’s style cannot be ignored.


She is the fashionista you love to love and can’t afford to hate.


I love that you can get inspiration from her and work her style into your closet to fit your body type. I can’t deny that I get some fromIMG_0597 from her from time to time especially when it comes to color tones and matching prints…


Peace, love and splendid moms



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