MET Gala 2017 : Avant-garde or Confused?

MET Gala 2017 : Avant-garde or Confused?

It’s one of the most exciting yearly events for me because it’s purely fashion oriented, it’s said to be the GRAMMY of fashion. And with a theme to guide each year, many celebrities show up prepared.
Last year was themed Manus x Machina: Age of technology

This year was in honor of Rei Kawakubo, the Japanese avant-garde designer of Comme des garcon.

Rei Kawakubo

Her pieces are known to be beyond the norm leaning more towards Art, so I was curious to see who would be able to work that theme. 

Commes Des Garçon

While a few people stuck to the theme and did so nicely, some missed the entire point, while others decided to play it safe. Here are pictures from the red carpet starting with my favorite looks from the night.

Rihanna almost always gets it… Wearing Commes Des Garçon, she went all out and nailed it perfectly. People say it was too over the top, but isn’t that what Kawakubo represents… Accessories, hair and make up all in point… The highlight were the DSquared2 thigh high sandals… My favorite look of the night.

Pharrell Williams and his wife both dressed up in Commes Des Garçon… Err I’m not exactly feeling her outfit though. Yes in honor of Rei, but not flattering on her. Just reminds me of one of the teletubbies… And i wasn’t the only one who thought so.

I love Solange Knowles style, she does it her own way. I felt some type of way about her look but considering the theme, I think it was quite creative. She tweeted though that it was inspired by Missy Elliot.

My second favorite from the night. She looked absolutely beautiful. The color and structured design of the dress was gorgeous… Paired nicely with Louboutin sandals!!! ??

Errr… Katy Perry kinda got the point just that it wasn’t for her. This would probably have looked better without the veil.

Rita Ora was everything and more from her hair all the way down.

Anna Wintour


Did it say Halloween???, what do I know???

I’m quite confused

I think she nailed the theme

Mary J



Kerry Washington

And More Looks!!!

Naomi Campbell



I love this!!!


And some more…

Janelle Monae


Why so naked? Art of the inbetween!??

Serena Williams

Lily Aldridge


This is one event I always look forward to. I have watched and read every review related to the 2017 MET gala. For the first time, I was more about the cloth designs than the shoes.

Who were your favorites on the red carpet and your worst dressed?!!

Peace, Love and be fashionable



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