“In Her Closet” Episode 4- Forty And Fabulous, It’s Helen And Irene.

“In Her Closet” Episode 4- Forty And Fabulous, It’s Helen And Irene.

 It keeps getting better. I absolutely enjoy doing these interviews because the responses make my heart smile. I mean why would anyone not love shoes life?

So this week, I have 2 women with me, they are not celebrities or in the media in anyway and it took quite some to get them to do this episode. What I found intriguing about them is how they still manage to look so fabulous at 40 with such great taste in shoes.  Everyone knows how much I love to be #teamfitfam (Don’t judge me by my size), but seeing these women who at 40, with families and businesses to run, manage to burn an average of 500calories a day (at the very least) working out and eating healthy, inspires me to work towards a fitter 40’s. Yea, they all say its to be healthy, but with their shoe obsession, I know it’s low key for the heels.

Let me introduce you to these beautiful women before we get into the interview.

Irene Fajana: is the young at heart (and body) mother of 3 kids with a home accessories store who is totally in love with what she does which is being a wife, mom, entrepreneur and fashionista. She loves to travel,is  the ultimate party planner and the perfect soccer mom. Not until I saw pictures from her 40th birthday did I believe her age.


40 year old Irene in Neon pointed pumps

Helen Anatogu: a mother of 2kids, CEO of a software business incubator and a business lawyer with past corporate counsel at Nokia, Shell and Microsoft. Sugarcraft, gardening, music and art are some of her favorite things but none of these trumps her time spent with her kids and evenings out with her husband.


Helen on a play date with her kids

Enjoy the interviews after the cut

Irene Fajana

JAY: Has turning 40 changed your shoe style preference? Do you now feel like there are some designs you should leave to the younger ones?

IRENE: Turning 40 hasn’t changed my shoe style at all. I have never really followed fashion for the sake of it, I like what I like and of course there are some shoes I can’t be caught in no matter how in vogue I hear they are. If it’s not my taste i won’t wear them.


Irene in Miu Miu Pumps

Miu Miu Glitter Pumps

JAY: What are your favorite pair of shoes at the moment and why?

IRENE: My favorite shoes at the moment would have to be my aquazzura sandals. I find them reasonably comfortable.



Aquazurra Wild Thing Sandals

JAY: You have quite a thing for luxury pieces, where’s your favorite luxury retail outlet?

IRENE: My favourite retail luxury outlet has to be Harrods. I can go there everyday, being there lifts my spirit even when I am not buying.

A general view of the Harrods department store in London

JAY: Who’s your favorite luxury footwear designer ?

IRENE: My favorite luxury footwear designer would have to be Gucci . They are always true to size and shoes are comfy.


For the love of Gucci


Gucci Mules

JAY: What’s the most you’ve spent on shoes at once??

IRENE: I think the most I have spent on shoes would probably be 550/ 600 pounds

FullSizeRender (2)


Ronnie No 21 Mules

JAY: Would you wear flats to a red carpet event or wedding?

IRENE: I don’t think I would wear flats to a red carpet event or wedding. I could change into flats later if need be .


Helen Anatogu

JAY: You’re a very fashionable lady, what do shoes represent to your sense of fashion?

HELEN: Style, Elegance, identity

JAY: Luxury or high street???
HELEN:Both. Favorites are Bally, LK Bennet, Ferragamo, Nine West
 FullSizeRender (3)

Nine West


Bally Pumps

JAY: What’s your favorite shoe style?
HELEN:I tend to wear wedges, court shoes (typically kitten heels for work)  and heeled sandals the most.

Elisabetta Franchi Wedge Sandals


Elisabetta Franchi Floral Sandals

JAY: Flats or heels?
HELEN:Definitely heels. I am short

Helen in Betsey Johnson Peep Toe Platform Pumps

JAY: Who’s your favorite footwear designer?
HELEN:Ferragamo for classy and comfortable.

Ferragamo Peep Toe Pumps

JAY: A lot of ladies would be seen rocking 5″ heels in their 20’s and 30’s, has turning 40 changed your preference for heel heights?
HELEN: Not at all, if anything, they have gotten higher!
JAY: Embarrassing shoe moments!
HELEN:Arriving Kaduna for a meeting and loosing heel in the gravel at the airport, driving round frantically looking for a shoemaker to replace the heel and hobbling through my meeting (including dinner with the governor) with a piece of rubber stuck on the bottom of my shoe!

Helen in Red Ankle Strap Sandals

So there you have it guys, 40 and fabulous and giving me goals for my future. Until next week, on the next episode
Peace, Love and More Shoes,

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