In Her Closet – Episode 13 – She’s No Ordinary She

In Her Closet – Episode 13 – She’s No Ordinary She

When I started blogging, I remember following practically every style blogger on the gram. And that was quite a lot, my feed was full of them and with time I started to get bored. It was like seeing the same set of looks on different people. So I started to unfollow. It was really easy to just click the unfollow tab and move on to the next till I got to @stylebyada. Her posts always struck me but I never really paid attention.


I found myself clicking on her handle to view her page again and ended up going through ALL her posts (trust me she has a lot).

Bold and fearless, shes no ordinary she

She’s bold, she’s fierce, she’s fashion fearless, she’s no ordinary she. Prints on prints, baggy and snug, summer and winter, she’s a stand out queen.

Fashion blogger, Ada has always liked to put pieces together and she documents it on her blog. I find her style creative and fun – a mix of tomboy and feminine chic. I simply can’t get enough of it and  that’s why she’s here on this episode.

E-Interview with Ada

JAY: You’ve loved putting together pieces since you were a little girl, what fashion pieces intrigued you the most as a child?

ADA: As a child I remember basically loving everything to be honest. Although one thing I recall holding very dear to my heart at the time was my rain coat and rubber rain boots(Wellies). They were both navy blue in colour. Whenever I put them on as a child I thought I looked like someone from Space. They were just a bit odd and for that I thought they were special.

Its always been about the shoes

JAY: What does style mean to you?
ADA: There is no one interpretation to it. Personalise it…It is what you say it is, break the rules, make yours but above all have fun.

She sure does have fun ????

Effortless ??????

Kicking it in Asos ????

JAY: Would you Splurge or steal on shoes?
ADA: SPLURGE SPLURGE SPLURGE… All the way!!! The feet are very important individuals 🙂

Oh yes they are… Zara Mules

Toe Cap Chanel inspired by Zara

Topshop… remember thos from the collection review???

JAY: Who’s your favorite luxury foot wear designer?
ADA: To be honest I’m not fussed about designer name tags. if its an interesting looking pair and I can afford it, I’ll be eyeing them up regardless of who designed it.

All that matters is they look interesting!!


JAY: Wheres your favorite highstreet brand to shop for shoes?
ADA: I do love Mango and Topshop a little too much maybe 🙂 They bring the runway to the High street making it affordable without zapping out the fun.

Mango mules giving off a proenza schouler vibe ??????

JAY: Any embarrassing shoe moments?

ADA: None yet… Thank God! Hahahha!

Hahaha… And we hope none

JAY: If you had to be made into a pair of shoes, what shoe style would you want to be?

ADA: I would love to be made into brogues… Absolutely! Who wouldn’t want to be comfort and style all in one go.

For the love of brogues

Tomboy Chic

Square pads and brogues and all things sexy ??????

JAY: Shoes, bags, clothes, jewelry, sunglasses? If you had money to buy just one item, which of these would it be?

ADA: Gosh this is hard!!! Lolll! If it really has to be one, I’d go for Shoes.

JAY: Your favorite pair of shoes at the moment and why?
ADA: My favourite pair of shoes right now would have to be my Rust Mango boots. So comfy and cause they are tan they seem to go with everything I try them on.


JAY: What are the oldest pair of shoes in your closet and why have you kept them so long?

ADA: Gosh I cant remember, I have quite a few, I’ve totally lost track loll!

#tbt 2014

JAY: Leather/faux leather, suede/suedette, patent, satin? Which shoe fabric is your favorite?

ADA: Nothing ever beats leather.

JAY: What’s your one style advice to women?

ADA: Think you, think fun, think extraordinary.


I could feel the passion in her answers skin deep ???. I love her! ?

Always remember to be you and own your style. Make your own rules and then break them.

Peace, love and be extra ordinary




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    November 2, 2016

    Her style is eclectic. Love her vibe

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