Happy 2018 And The Blog Is Back!!!

Happy 2018 And The Blog Is Back!!!

It’s been 3 months since my last blog post and it has been a mighty long period. I won’t go into details of the causes of delay, i’m just super duper excited to be back here with you guys. And trust me when i say i have an overload of contents for you.

Exactly how i feel now

But first, HAPPY NEW YEAR and how did your holiday go? I feel like i had the most fun than i’ve had in the past 5 years. It was a time to let lose and relieve my pre mummy years. In a subsequent post, i’d share bits of it all.

wizkid’s concert

This new year promises to be exciting – From celebrity features in the In Her Closet Episodes and the This or That episodes to a new season of your favorite Diary Of  A Shoe Lover, Shoe and styling reviews from both luxury and high street brands, DIY sessions and a whole lot more.

Diary Of A Shoe Lover


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Peace, Love And Happy 2018



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