Endangered In Heels – Episode 4 – No Hold Barred!!!

Endangered In Heels – Episode 4 – No Hold Barred!!!

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“First, you are going to get into a period of thanksgiving, be truly grateful from your heart and appreciative of God’s mercies. The fact that you have these dreams is enough to be thankful. He has revealed to you any imminent dangers that maybe lurking around. With that, you have overcome. Seek His face for mercy again and be intentional with your prayers. I will write you a few prayer points to guide you. I trust God totally that after these 3 days of fasting and prayers, you will come out victorious of whatever it is the devil has been plotting against your life.”



After i related my dream to my mum, she had come over the following day. We prayed together and she suggested i speak to my pastor about it. That’s the one thing i loved about my mum, she would never impose herself on you, in this case, force you to go to her pastor or some spiritual head except you asked. Anyway, i took her advice and made plans to see Pastor Ben after the bible study on Wednesday.



I smoothed out my skirt as i stood up to exchange pleasantries with him and went ahead to narrate the dream to him. Every time i had to retell it, i would break out in goose bumps, it was always so vivid. In his usual way, he wore no expressions but you could tell he was paying attention to every detail. He prayed right after and asked that i go on a 3 day prayer and fasting program. He gave me some prayer points to direct me and i left. I called my mum as soon as i got into the car.




“Hey mummy, good evening ma” I said as soon as she answered.


“Timehin, how are you?” She asked.


“I’m fine ma, and you? How was your day?” I asked courteously.


“Pretty good, i was able to do all i planned, so i feel good. Just had dinner” She sounded happy.


“I’m happy to hear that, you sound chirpy too. I just left church, i was at bible study and i was able to meet with the pastor. We talked and prayed afterwards and he asked that i fast for 3 days. I was wondering if you’d join me ma.”


She laughed, “Oritsetimehin, what other duty do i have as a mother? I will join you willingly, when do you start?”



I smiled as a tear dropped, only my mum could get me this emotional. I was getting to love and appreciate her more in the past few years. I have always believed in her prayers for me, there was nothing i asked her to pray for me about that didn’t come out positive, even when i asked casually. It took a long time for me to realize it. We still weren’t as close, i didn’t run to her with every detail of my life. We respected each others boundaries, but she knew of every important decision i have had to make over the years.



“Thank you mummy, it’d mean a lot. I’d start tomorrow, i intend to break at 6 pm, would that work for you?”


“Sure it will, call me at 6 then, so we can pray together. On the last day, if work will allow you, you can stop by at the house or i come over to you, so we can finish with prayers of agreement.” She suggested.


“Ok mummy, let me leave you now. I love you.” I said


“I love you too Timehin” She replied.


There was an awkward pause for a few seconds and then she hung up. We weren’t so used to being mushy, we had such moments once in a long while.



What would you like me to get you? I saw some bags the last time, but i wasn’t so sure if they’re your thing. I can buy shoes for you with no hesitation, but bags? I’m not so sure. Kola said.


We were at his house, he was packing up for a business trip to Venice. One of the perks of being Kola’s  friend were the gifts. He was generous like that, he did the most thoughtful things and always at the right time. I still couldn’t believe his decision not to get married, he would make a perfect husband.


Our Catfish pepper soup date the other night had us opening up to each other our deepest fears. More than i wanted to hear from him, i wanted to talk about all my inhibitions too. It was the perfect atmosphere to talk and we did with no holds barred. After a few shots of vodka mixed with soda and a dash of lemon,


“This whole not getting married business, started for me when i found out my mum cheated on my dad. I don’t know the whole story, i don’t know how it was resolved. All i know is that it changed my dad, it’s like something in him died. I had always dreamed of the day i’d say ‘i do’. I had the scene set right in my head, committing myself, my life, my future and destiny to the woman of my dreams. I have always wanted children, 3 really cute ones, 2 boys and a girl.


Seeing my dad cry that night changed everything for me. I know he loved my mum fiercely, he still loves her. What i can’t understand is why she stepped out, it wasn’t just a one time sex thing. She was having an affair for over a year with some ex. What do we really want in love?, what is that thing about marriage that makes it go awry?. He paused.


“It didn’t even help, all the crazy experiences i had when i was in London. I met this girl, Lola, nice, ambitious, level headed, respectful. We got together, it was exclusive, i was loyal. I’ve never really liked the idea of stepping out anyway, so for me when i’m in, i’m all in. It was her birthday and i thought to do something nice for her since she worked a lot. So i booked a holiday inn for her a little outside London for 3 days with all the works – Spa, movies, food, flowers delivered every morning. The plan was to join her on the last day which was her actual birthday, she had hinted she needed alone time.


Turns out, she camped another nigga with her before i came, alone time sha. He paused and took a gulp from his glass. It was messy and of course that was the end of it. Took me a while to get over her, i really liked the girl. I don’t know if it was the feeling of being foolish or the fact that people can be 2 faced. Omo, i gave up on love. 


2 years after, i had moved to yankee and i was going to be there for 18 months, i met another babe. We were working on the same project but she was with a different firm. Babe set die, very funny and witty, it was never a dull moment around her, she kind of reminded me of you. I wasn’t going to invest any emotions on relationships, but i was feeling this one. We started having sex, energizer bunny, the babe wan kill me, she no dey tire. Long story short, she was married with kids and i had no freaking idea. The matter weak me Timi. It was at that point i knew marriage wasn’t for me. Ko le work mehn.”



I sat there trying to process everything i had just heard. My reasons suddenly seemed petty, they paled in comparison to Kola’s experiences. I didn’t even know what to say.



“I have no idea what to say, those are some experiences you’ve had o. Like you, I’ve always wondered what it is about marriage. My dad treated mumsy like crap for years. My mum comes from a decent family, she grew up an only child, was raised in love and maybe too protected from the real world. She met and fell in love with my dad and gave her all to the marriage. She gave up her career to have and raise kids, gave up her inheritance to help him achieve his dreams. What did she get in return?, STDs, endless philandering and an unhappy life. Worst part, he didn’t attain any form of financial success and couldn’t give her the good life she was used to. Nigga died poor. He even has a kid outside, at least the one we know about. 



I haven’t had any personal experiences, to be honest. But my heart is so guarded, my emotions sealed up. I have built up such a high wall around me because i don’t want to be a part of all the mess, 90% of the relationships i have seen from the outside and kind of envied is a big mess on the inside – the pretense, the unhappiness, the deceit. I don’t see myself giving any man my 100%. It’d take a lot, more than a lot actually to break down this wall around me. I am happy with my life right now, i really am. I want children tho, even if it’s just one, i know i want to be a mother. Having you to fulfill my sexual desires has also made the journey so easy.”



I paused to think, the question had been playing in my head for some time now, this would be the perfect time, so i asked,



“Kola, what do you think of me?, since we got back together, what has it really been for you? You and me, the sex, hanging out every now and then. Be honest with me.”



He sighed, downed the content of his glass and leaned back on his seat. At this time, we had moved inside the joint. It was more quiet and private, we needed to be able to hear each other.



“I hope you’re ready to hear this, whatever i say now is the absolute truth, i am not drunk”. 



I smiled, my heart did a flip, i didn’t know what to expect but i needed to know the truth.



“While i was away, little things reminded me of you. I saw your smile in someone, your gestures in another, i missed you for a long time, but slowly it faded away. When i had that experience with Lola, i really needed to talk to someone, you were the only one that came to mind. But i wasn’t sure how you’d react, i mean we hadn’t talked in years. I didn’t know who you had become.



Fast forward to coming back and calling you, i had no intentions of getting in a relationship, i didn’t even think you’d still be single. I was just trying to hook up with old buddies. But that evening, when i saw you, i wanted to hit that ass again, damn you looked so sexy.”



I threw my phone cover at him, if that statement had come from someone else, that’d probably have been the end of the night. I looked at him as he sat there, thinking he wasn’t bad looking himself. Kola wasn’t strikingly handsome, but his charisma, his poise, the way he gesticulated and smiled covered up for whatever was absent in being handsome. To top it all up, he had a body that worked you up even if he was wearing agbada.






He ducked and continued, “I wasn’t thinking in the direction of  anything intimate, not for one minute. But i respected our friendship from our growing up years, i respected even more, the woman you had become. Listening to you that evening, i felt a sense of pride. I did a bit of snooping o, wanting to know about your social life, relationships and all, but you turned out clean. All I’ve had for you is utmost respect. 



I started to catch feelings when we started having sex again, but those walls you talked about, i saw them from miles away and i knew you wanted no one in, so i didn’t bother. But now that you ask, i like you, i like you a whole lot, beyond the sex, beyond being friends. So far, I have learned to manage my emotions and stick to our boundaries, just like you, it’s working for me and again just like you, i want kids. And that is story for another day.”



He looked at his watch, “We’ve been here for quite some time, we should leave soon”.



We basked in the comfort of our silence and the jazz music from the live band playing softly in the background. My mind was blank, i didn’t want to do any more thinking or talking. I just wanted to enjoy the music and the comfort of the environment. We left about  30 minutes after, went back to his house and went to bed.



“I’m not a big fan of bags. Save for my work bags that i’m fully vested in, i think i’m starting to like clutches and those bucket bags. Peak my interest, let’s see”. I replied as he latched the lock of his box.


“How long are you away for?”, i asked, as i walked towards him taking off my shoes, a pair of Kat Maconie sandals he bought for me on his last trip to New York.







“Is someone missing me already?”, He said moving closer to pull me in.


“I miss the D already, i just need to know for how long”, i said biting his right ear gently as i let out a soft moan. I could feel his hard on.


He mumbled a response which i wasn’t interested in, i got on my knees instantly and gave him a mind blowing BJ. Sex with Kola was never the same experience, it was excitingly different every time. It didn’t help that the guy was so damn sexy.



Fears and desires now fully expressed, If Kola and Timehin ever get exclusive, do you think they will survive as a couple?

Are Kola’s reasons valid enough to justify his reasons for not wanting to get married?

How would you rate this episode?, let’s meet in the comment section or simply click on an emoji, your feed back means a lot to me.

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Peace, Love and More Shoes




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  • Stella Adetunji
    August 1, 2018

    Keep building on the story. I see a tangle-free couple becoming tangled soon. Lol

  • Fikayo
    August 1, 2018

    Lovely episode…I can see them together already. I mean what’s marriage without having the same values? They already share the same views so I look forward to a sizzling love between the two of them. Though Kols’s experiences are not enough for not wanting marriage…its life.

  • Fikayo
    August 1, 2018

    Lovely episode. They both share same values about a lot of things so I expect a sizzling love between them. Though Kola’s experiences are not enough for him not to want marriage.

  • Mz Kemz
    August 2, 2018

    Sigh. I wonder why we make life complicated for ourselves but TBH sometimes, life itself makes life complicated! I think they can work…let love lead the way! (Easier said than done though when you are scared).

    Jay, I’m still carrying placard o. We want a bonus episode. Lol xxx

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