Endangered In Heels – Episode 2 – The Back Story

Endangered In Heels – Episode 2 – The Back Story

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“I don’t need any explanations. All i need is for you to tell me what you plan to do with her pregnancy…”




“Don’t touch me Kay, don’t even try to put your filthy hands on me, DO NOT. You don’t know what you have done to me, you don’t. I stand before you this morning, very vulnerable and weak and i don’t mind. I’m tired of trying to put it all together for you, for the children. All you have done is constantly hurt me.”


I gave up everything for you thinking it was the right thing to do. I chose to marry you even when i wasn’t sure what the future held. I believed in you, i gave you everything. One mistake after the other, one apology after the other, one affair after the other, you’ve disrespected me so much, i don’t even know what i stand for anymore. Four children down the line and i can’t boast of a secure relationship with you as your wife.”


But it’s okay Kay, you’re human, you’re just another man, a mistake i made. I just want you to know that it’s over for me. Oh no, i’m not leaving you, i’d stay right here cos  i have no where to go, I’ve given you everything i have to help you achieve your dreams and you’ve thrown that to the dogs, so we’d be here together. But you have no rights over me, none whatsoever.”



I don’t know if i hit the wall or the wall hit me but the speed with which i moved away from the door where i had been eavesdropping on my parents conversation was unimaginable. I can’t bear to think of what my mum would have done to me if she had caught me as she stormed out of the room.


I was only 10 years old, but that conversation changed my life forever. I wasn’t really close to any of my parents. As a matter of fact, i wasn’t close to anyone. I had always been a loner, i didn’t get that last child affection that other children got. I almost felt like i was a mistake and they had no plans of birthing me.


My dad was hardly ever around for the years i knew him, he was a passing figure in my life. He passed away just as i was about to write my WAEC exams, i was 16 years old. He was involved in a car accident that put him in a coma he never came out of and i can’t say i miss him. I know i cried but probably because everyone else did.


My mum – I have never really been able to figure her out but the one thing i can say is she wasn’t living the life she was destined to live. She’s a sweet woman, stern but really sweet when life is not dealing with her. And it seemed to me life had dealt her a hand of bad cards. She was an only child and an orphan and so didn’t have close family ties. She worked at the Ministry of Education for 20 years before she started her own textile business. I didn’t understand her but i respected her a lot and all i ever wanted was to put a real smile on her beautiful face. She didn’t dote on me but she made sure she imparted discipline and love in me, in all of us, to the best of her ability.


The first of my siblings, the only male, Omatseye is the only one i had a real bond with, but soon after we lost our dad, my mum did everything in her power to relocate him to Canada and he’s lived there ever since. We are very much in touch and my mum is currently on holiday with him and his family.


The second child, Omatsola was always at logger heads with my mum, i remember she was our dad’s favorite. His death devastated her the most and no one was surprised when about a year after he passed, she got married and has had 3 children. She moved to Abuja with her husband and has pretty much lived her life. I know my mum prays for her constantly as her husband has been abusive.


My immediate older sister, Oritsetsemaye had always wanted the finer things in life which our family could not afford. She had it the hottest with my mum who was constantly bursting all her sneaky moves. She got pregnant in her first year in university for a married man who wanted to take her in as a second wife. I saw the beast in my mum that period. How Maye lost that pregnancy, i don’t know. But she had a brain reset afterwards, managed to get her degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos and got a job. Luck shone on her and she met a man who has been able to give her the life she always wanted.


I knew from the onset i was different from all of them. I knew i didn’t want any of their lives. My mind set was different and every waking moment came with a new thought, an ideal, a plan that surprised even me.



I had just come out of another meeting representing Mrs Anele. I had become what you’d call her Second In Command. It had become almost absurd how much she trusted me with her organisation and the decisions i made when she was unavailable. I know i had put in a lot in terms of patience, humility and the thirst to learn and grow and maybe i deserved it, but it was still so surreal. I had made a lot of enemies in the process, some had accepted their fates, some had left, some were still ‘fighting me’. If only they knew who they were dealing with. I remained focused and kept exceeding everyone’s expectations.


My phone rang.


“Babe, where have you been?, i’ve been calling you all morning”

“Good morning Kola, i’m fine thank you” I said rolling my eyes.

“I’m close to your office jo, ode, can i stop by?”

“Nigga, you’re God’s answer to my hunger, i’d be waiting at the gate”.



I have known Kola all my life, like literally. We grew up in the same compound as neighbors. He was about 3 years older than me but we got along so well, he taught me everything from riding a bicycle to jumping ropes, karate, football and Mathematics.



Our friendship however took a different dimension when we were in Secondary School, we were almost like siblings and i was always with his clique of friends. I didn’t have any friends of mine, i wasn’t interested in idle gossip and sleeking my hairline with gel to get the attention of boys. He was just about to write his final exams and i was fresh in Senior Secondary School.



One afternoon, we were at my house together. My dad was out of town as usual, my mum was away at work and all my siblings were out. I had just fixed lunch for us and he was taking a look at my math homework. None of these was out of place, that is how close we were and it had become a routine over the years. What was however different that afternoon was the urge in me to kiss him. I kept looking at him and couldn’t seem to control my thoughts.



Kola had never made a sexual or intimate move on me, not ever. I knew the girls he liked and i’m not even sure he was physically attracted to me. And he made it a point of duty to protect me from his friends. He once told me i was like the little sister he’s never had and before now, he could very well have been my brother.



That afternoon, i didn’t want to be his sister, i wasn’t an Oladapo, neither did i have any relatives from the Yoruba lineage and so with that in mind, i went to him, took my textbook from him and kissed him. It was my first kiss ever and just as i had always imagined for it to be, soft, gentle and passionate. He didn’t try to resist me which gave me more confidence and so i continued and he returned the favor with equal passion. That day, i would never forget in my life. I freely and willingly gave Kola my virginity. I didn’t plan for that to happen but it did, that was 19 years ago and i have no regrets whatsoever.




“That meeting was nerve wracking men, i don’t know how i pulled it off, i can’t wait for my boss to return abeg, make she come run her business, i need a break at this point” I said as i dug into my pounded yam.




Kola had picked me up a few minutes after he called and we had gone to one of the many bukas we had discovered for local food.




“You are a smart girl now, i’m sure you owned it. I’m really proud of you though, really really proud. By the way you look beautiful, i like this  your dress o.” I saw him checking me out as he struggled with his goat meat and not getting his shirt stained.






How we had managed to keep our friendship over the years was quite interesting. We made out a few times after the first experience, It was his first time too and we spent a lot of time after that discovering each others bodies in ways i couldn’t explain. We kept our affair very secret and educated ourselves on the use of condoms, we both knew we couldn’t afford to mess up. He got distinctions when his results came out and his parents wasted no time shipping him abroad to University, i was heart broken, but i was happier to see him go and become something big, something i wish i could have.



He wrote me constantly and the few times he came around, he would buy me gifts and we would sneak out to make out. I had no interest in anyone else even though he confessed to having being with other girls. I felt the doses of jealousy, but i wasn’t overwhelmed by them. I had mastered my mind not to give my emotions to anyone and with each day, i got better at it.



And so it was that after i wrote my WAEC, things got really financially bad for my mum, especially as my dad had just passed. I had to wait a year, i didn’t make my JAMB and so to ease my mum of the burden and not waste any more time, i decided to go to the Lagos State Polytechnic.



Communication wasn’t as constant with Kola again, we had both moved on. I didn’t date much, i generally found the guys i met boring and stereotypical. I really had no interest. The 2 guys i gave a chance and had sex with, were gone as soon as they came. I did well to finish from the Polytechnic after which i met Mrs Anele and faced my unplanned career path. And then Kola relocated to Nigeria.



I remember the phone call so vividly.



“Hey Timi” 



I froze. Only one person called me Timi. With everyone else, it was Timehin.



“Kola” I replied.

“Yes, Timi, it’s me. I’m so glad to finally reach you, i need to see you, i’m in town.”



I can’t explain how i felt, it was a rush of everything but mostly excitement. We made plans to meet later that evening and i was dressed to impress without looking like i was trying too hard. I had even gone out of my way to buy a bottle of the Gucci Guilty Perfume he had given me as a gift years ago.


He was impressed with what he saw, he couldn’t hide it. I had lost a lot of weight and with the help of Mrs Anele, my body image and dress sense had gone up notches higher.


It was the best night of my life in a very long time. After dinner, we went to a Jazz club and caught up on all the years lost, it was like he never left. We shared everything and it was almost morning when he dropped me off at my place.






I felt so much at ease telling him everything that had happened to me, and as he related his own experiences, i knew he was a lot more special than i ever thought him to be. I was waiting for the part where he would tell me about his wife and kids, but that never came and so i asked.


“No wife?, No Kids? Common Kola, tell me something else. I said, looking straight into his eyes.



He took a sip of his drink.



“Timi, that marriage thing is not for me, i don’t think i’d ever get to it”



I didn’t probe any further, but i knew eventually, we’d get to talk about it.



To be honest, marriage was the last thing on my mind. My boss, my mum and everyone was starting to get worried, but i wasn’t even giving it a thought. I didn’t see myself being a wife.



Soon after the sumptuous Pounded Yam and Egusi soup we had, i called my driver to take my car home while i rode in Kola’s to his house. Since he moved back and we eased ourselves into each others lives, we had become sexually involved again. The first month, we had more sex than i had had in all the years he was away and it only got better every time.


We however discussed boundaries and respected our space. Everything was in mutual agreement and it worked out just perfectly. We weren’t together but we were together. Facebook would say “It’s Complicated”, but i loved it and guess he did too.



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So guys, here we go with the second episode, what do you think about this one? This is the reality of a lot of women that society has termed “Independent”.  I can’t wait for the next episode, i’m almost tempted to drop it this week. I’d love to read your comments or at least see your reactions, please click on  any of the smileys.


Peace, love and more love,




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