Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 3 – Who’s In Your Circle?

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 3 – Who’s In Your Circle?


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“Congrats Boss, you can’t even understand how i feel about this one. This is definitely what being fulfilled must  mean” I said as i clinked brandy glasses with my boss of over 20 years.

We had developed more than an Employer/Employee relationship. He had become something of a big brother and father figure to me, one of the things i missed having while growing up.

We had shared so many successes and even more failures in business and he had shown me the ropes. He loved my family like his and he was godfather to the triplets.

We just got the funds from the investor we had been working on for our new gas plant project in Ghana. Salewa’s idea to play tennis with the man had turned out to work in my favor, and after a good game, which i let him win twice out of 3 rounds, we were signing contract papers.


“Hakeem, notice that girl that’s been checking you out?” My boss said nodding towards the bar opposite where we sat.”I can bet you in the next 10 counts, she’d be walking over this way” 


“These girls do too much boss, i wonder most times what their aim is, the money or the sex” I replied, as i tried not to look in that direction.


I had faced so many temptations since i started dating Salewa, sometimes i wonder how it is i haven’t strayed. Actually i did stray once, and it was the worst thing i ever did to myself. It was also an eye opener to the depth of love i had for my woman.


I remember that weekend so clearly…..(*FLASHBACK*)


“Wow, AK after so many years, you still look so damn good” Yinka said, as we sat at the restaurant in New Jersey to have lunch.


Yinka was an old fling, we didn’t date, it was just sex that lasted a few months before she relocated to America but it was really good sex. Years after i got married, we met again and exchanged numbers.


I had gone to America to meet with a client and called her that weekend for us to hang out. Apparently, there’s hardly ever any such thing as just hanging out with an ex sex mate.

After lunch, we made plans to hit the club later that night and ended up in bed. The worst part was the morning after, the sex was great (just like it used to be back then), but the overwhelming guilt that took over was bad. It didn’t help that Salewa started calling and i couldn’t take her calls.


Not wanting to make Yinka feel used, i was careful enough to explain the fact that i no longer wanted any form of communication with her, as i wouldn’t want to fall into the temptation again. Surprisingly, she agreed and took it better than i expected.


I was caught between telling Salewa what happened and keeping mute, but i knew the former would spell doom. I had immediately shared with my boss, who sternly warned me to forget the whole thing even happened.


It strengthened my resolve however not to ever cheat on her again. I have found myself in situations where i hold conversations with other women and it starts to develop into something that could become intimate.


As advised by my boss, i introduce such women to my wife and back off from the “friendship”. That has mostly worked out well as it ends up fizzling out.


It’s been tough to be honest but it gets better with every experience, more because i love Salewa too deeply to see her get hurt. She practically lives her life to make me happy even with all her tantrums and stubbornness.



Just as my boss had predicted, the girl, intentionally dressed to seduce, and doing a good job of it, started to take slow steps towards us, with her wine glass in her left hand and her right hand smoothing down her full length dress with a slit that left nothing to your imagination*sigh*.

I made a mental note to buy a new dress for Salewa, nothing close to this tasteless one. Thankfully, she had managed to keep her body as sexy as she could. She had added a few KGs since the kids, but i loved all the extra curves and all of her, most especially the fact that she never stopped trying to keep it sexy.


We didn’t wait long enough for little miss seductress to accomplish her mission, we took our cue to leave. Having a boss like mine as a friend has indeed helped me curb my excesses.


He had been there and done that and got his fingers burned. He always made it a point of duty to let me know, infidelity was not worth it. Years ago, before Salewa, i would have laid this girl in no time.


Plans were well underway for Ivie’s 40th party and everything was practically in place. We were only waiting for the day to come. We had checked everything on our list, well, except for me, i still had not decided on an outfit but i was sure to come up with something with the help of Salewa.


I had something else on my mind, something that had been weighing me down for some time now. And at this point, i was ready to share with my girls.


“There’s something i need to talk to you guys about” I said, smiling a little as i watched Salewa and Ivie drop their cutlery in quick succession.


We had met at my store at Surulere and ordered rice and beans from a buka at Bank Olemoh. It had been such a long time we had food from there.


“Ai, Wasup” Salewa said, looking at me very closely.


Being my best friend for about 30 years, she knew me so well and knew whatever i had to talk about had to be something serious.


“Ok, here goes, it’s a bit embarrassing and i haven’t mentioned it because i’m trying to protect him, but now i’m getting really frustrated jo. I don’t enjoy sex with Timehin, i mean not at all. I don’t know what to do” I blurted out, resting my back hard against my chair.


Salewa threw her head back in laughter, as ivie gave her a stern look and said “That’s not even funny Salewa”.


Then she turned to me, “Have you talked to him about this?”


“I don’t want to hurt his ego babe, how do you tell a man, your husband, that his sex game is whack?” I said, now really exasperated thinking about the past years of bad sex.


Salewa spoke up ” But wait o, you mean you’ve been quiet about this for 10 years plus?, really Ai, really?, i’m sorry but that’s wrong, you should have said something to him, somehow”


“I agree with Salewa, Aisha. But now that we’re here, how bad is it?” Ivie asked.


I sighed deeply, “Really bad, i can’t remember the last time he made me climax, i’ve had to resort to a vibrator and that is how i have coped all these years. But i’ve been feeling guilty a lot lately especially as my vibrator has to be a secret.”


“I don’t want the details of the sex, but i’m not sure bad sex is something i can manage effectively, most definitely not with Eddy, i’d probably have run mad by now.

I’d suggest you find a way to teach him what you like, find out what he likes as well, talk to him. You don’t have to make him feel like you’re complaining or criticizing him.

You guys can take a weekend off, you know, tell him you feel the past years have been boring and monotonous with intimacy especially as you’re more focused on the kids and work and you feel the need to spice things up.

You’d be surprised at what will come out of that conversation and the get away. But keeping quiet about it is a No No” Ivie finished off, going back to her food.


“Anybody that sees this one now will think she’s still a virgin sef” Salewa laughed at Ivie

She looked at me “I’m sorry i laughed jo, i was only imagining your face frustrated after sex, But Ivie is right and her idea is bright, don’t go in the way of complaining, that is when you’d hurt his ego.

Who knows he may be frustrated with you too sef, communication is really important and i think you lack that Aishat, so please fix this before he finds your vibrator and the whole thing becomes messy.”

I sighed again, ” I honestly don’t know what i’d do without you guys, thanks Ivie and you Salewa should go and take your thank you from down the road, laughing at a girl’s predicament”


We finished our food, chatted some more about other issues, before the girls left. As i watched them drive off, i thought to myself the importance of the quality of people we surround ourselves with.


It’s easy to stray in life, especially when overwhelmed with everyday life, but the people in your circle and how much you value them go a long way to determine the choices you make.


I turned back to go into my office and caught a reflection of myself through the sliding door, i smiled and whispered to myself, “Aisha, you are fine sha”


What’s your take on this episode? The quality of the relationships you keep, in my opinion, goes a long way to determine the choices you make in life. I hope you enjoyed it.


Share your thoughts in the comment section and click on a smiley to let me know what you think about it.


Shout again to Peniel Enchill, these illustrations were made for me, so apt and on point. Check her out on instagram for more lovely illustrations, she’s pure talent.


Peace, love and more quality relationships



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