Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 1 – My Shoe Addiction

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 1 – My Shoe Addiction

Dear Diary,

I had a good day today. Work happened smoothly, i turned in the project report just in time to meet up with my deadline. Mr Deinde commended me, yes the Mr Deinde. On my way home, i passed by Sole Divas Store sha… *Sigh*, i know i promised not to buy any shoes till March, but the shoes on display, Lord have mercy, the perfect  color and the price was just right. I couldn’t resist jo, besides how would i reward myself for my hard work. i even think i may get a raise, so that will compensate. Anyway, that was the highlight of my day. Let me go and try on my new shoes, i must rock them tomorrow biko. Good night!

My name is Salewa Oni and i am a hopeless, irredeemable shoe lover. When i left home for work this morning, I had exactly 253 pairs of shoes. My latest Kurt Geiger bow pumps now brings the count to 254 pairs. Welcome to my world.

c56d0753943388224c9b9a9c35ae0681Fetish, addiction, curse whatever you choose to call it, i cannot stop buying shoes. I want to have them in every color, style, fabric, heel height available to buy. It doesn’t help that i am a size 39 – the perfect size, almost always in stock. My immediate boss, Mrs Odidison said to me the other day, when i wore my River Island slingback sandals, that she noticed it was the first time i will be repeating any of my shoes since i moved to her department two months ago.


Well, she’s not so far from the truth. I always look out for the best bargains and Sole Divas does not fail to send me messages when they have great discounts. That store has contributed to my footwear addiction.

My love for shoes comes from my mum. I don’t have any of the tales of wearing my mother’s shoes as a child, you dare not go into my her shoe closet. But every time i got a chance to go in, it felt like i was lost in a candy shop. I remember when i started to receive clothing allowance, i would spend all of it on shoes and end up not having any decent clothes. It’s almost the same thing now, i buy more shoes than i buy clothes.

My mum walked in just as i was putting my new shoes on the rack. My shoe rack built all around my room walls, cost me almost a full month’s salary but it was worth every penny.contemporary-closet

“Another pair of shoes, hmm let us see o”, she said as she sat on my dressing stool.

“Good evening ma” i said as handing her the shoes.

“How much did you buy this one, just so you know, i have no money for mid month loans” she said, looking at them with admiration.

“Sole Divas will soon empty your bank account, if it is not already empty sef, olojukokoro

“But mummy, sebi it is my money and my bank account” i replied ,taking my shoes from her and placing them back in their new home, while i mentally put together my outfit for tomorrow. I had a meeting with a potential client and i intended to look every bit the professional accountant i was. It would be the perfect opportunity to wear my white embroidered blouse. It was a gift from my brother’s wife and i had never worn it. My size 14 frame did justice to my clothes as they always fit and i had found ways to hide my flabby belly while i struggled to get abs with fitfam living.





“Ehen mummy, i have turned in the project report for that Guinness Contract we are pursuing, Mr Deinde even commended me, i think i may get a raise when it clicks” i said to her as she got up to leave.

“That is supposed to be an excuse for the new shoes abi, good luck with that, well done dear. Sope’s wedding is on Saturday, i think i’d need peach sandals to go with the aso ebi

“Mummy, what about the peach Badgley Mischka D’orsay Shoes you bought for Onome’s wedding just last month” I said. My mum is the ultimate shoe lover, i pale in comparison. She has a different pair of shoes for every outfit.


“Well, i need a new pair, the shade is a bit different and besides it is my money. Keep tomorrow evening free for me, you’d be taking me to Sole divas store. Odaro Oko Mi” She replied obviously not expecting any response.

There was no point arguing with her, i looked at my shoe shelf again, i may also need a new pair of shoes for Sope’s wedding, the Olive green Tulle lace she picked will go perfectly with Rose Gold sandals plus the style i was making would call for T Bar Sandals, i didn’t have any in Rose Gold and i think i saw a pair earlier today on sale. I pray they are still there when i go back tomorrow with my mum.



I made a mental note to call Aishat and Ivie in the morning and to return Hakeem’s text message, i had a long day ahead of me tomorrow. The earlier i got to bed, the better for me.

Language Index

Olojukokoro is Nigerian yoruba language which means, greedy

Aso Ebi is Nigerian yoruba language for a similar fabric in the same color made into different styles and worn by members of a family with their friends to celebrate an occassion.

Odaro Oko mi is Nigerian Yoruba language meaning, Good night my dear

Sebi is a slang

Fitfam is a slang for fitness family for people that live a healthy lifestyle


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