Diary Of a Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 2 – The Fear Of The Future

Diary Of a Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 2 – The Fear Of The Future

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“I miss you mehn, i miss having you all to myself, when was the last time we were actually together alone?” Hakeem asked, throwing a pillow playfully at me as i cleansed my face in front of my dressing mirror. 

It was a vintage piece i had bought in Turkey about a year ago, when i and my girls had gone on a vacation.

My girls, Aisha and Ivie, i don’t know how i would have survived the last decade without them. We had gone beyond being friends, we were sisters, soul sisters.

Life since the triplets had been a roller coaster of emotions, but the one thing that had stood the test of time was the relationship between Hakeem and i. This guy still looks at me like i’m magic, sometimes i ask God why he finds me deserving of a man who loves me completely.

I mean, i can be a handful, especially with my emotions, but he takes it all in his stride, ever so patient and understanding and even when he loses it with me, it doesn’t go beyond a day, after which i get gifts especially shoes and even more shoes. After 10 years of being friends and then married for 13 years, every emotion was the same, deeper and truer.

Ah, my shoe addiction, i thought with age, it would simmer down, but no, it has only gotten worse, and Hakeem does not even help matters. It doesn’t help either that i’m in the shoe business, every new design is literally thrown in my face. LADY COBBLER, our baby project, has now become a household name.

The first few years were difficult, at some point, i gave up and desperately wanted to go back to paid employment, but Hakeem would not even hear of it. He kept on pushing and today, i’m proud to say, we have built one of the biggest footwear services establishment in the state.

I remember five years ago……. *(FLASHBACK)*

“Listen Hakeem, we can’t continue like this, i feel like i’m living a lie, this business is not going anywhere, i’m in debts, we have 3 kids to cater to, you are out of a job, how do we survive when you exhaust your savings, let me get a job Hakeem, the kids will be fine, my mum can have them”. I shouted, crying as i shut the door to prevent the triplets from hearing us.

This had become a constant part of our everyday. Financially, we were drowning. I had borrowed so much money from my friends that i had even lost count. Lady Cobbler was doing so bad, Hakeem had lost his job, well not exactly, but the company he worked with was out of operations in West Africa and they had put all their staff on hold till they could tidy things up.

My dad was battling with cancer which was eating deep into the family pocket. It was such a terrible period for me. I had yard sales upon yard sales, selling off my shoes and accessories and re investing what i got into the business but there was still nothing to show for it.

I felt hopeless and for the first time in my life, i was scared, really scared. I would look at my children and burst into tears. How much security had we put in place for their future? What would happen to them if anything happened to me or him or both of us at the same time? I needed to make Hakeem see reason with me.

I sat beside him on the bed and i bared my thoughts to him, i cried as i spoke and he held me and just let me cry. After a while…

“Hey, babe” He said, cradling my face and looking into my eyes,

“i understand every bit of what you’re saying, i do and i get scared too, a lot more than you, but while we’re thinking of the possibilities of tragedy, why don’t we also look at the reality of what is on ground.

No one can take care of these kids the way you do, what happens if they fall into wrong hands and go astray or become damaged? I’m all up for your mum taking care of them, but her hands are full already with your dad sick and them travelling in and out ever so often.

I am pursuing other projects myself and i’m not in town as often. You know how passionate you get when you work, you will barely have time for our babies with work targets and what have you.

Salewa, i know this is a huge sacrifice and i love you for it. But please, let’s take this one step at a time and keep praying to God to preserve our lives and healths. This is a phase and it will pass. We would save more, invest more and work towards that security for the T’s and even for you. I hope you know that means, no more shoes?”

I looked back at him and couldn’t help but smile, apart from Jesus, this was the only other person that could talk me into peace.

“I’m undeserving of you Hakeem, i am” I said, resting my head on his shoulder.

“And i love you too, i just need you to let us go through this storm together one day at a time, we would survive, that much i promise you”. he said, giving me a kiss on the forehead.

In that same month, my dad passed, the triplets turned 5 and the world stopped for my mum.

*(Back In The Present)*

“Mumc is due for a vacation o, let me work something out with Sister Moji, maybe she can go to Canada with the triplets, since they’re going on holiday soon. And you can have me all to your naughty self.” I said, throwing the pillow back at him.

“Sounds like a plan, i’d come up with something we can do if that works out. I just need some alone time with you, no kids, no school runs, no house work, no work at all, just me and you” He said as he took off his shirt.

“Awwwwn, you know i love you right?” I replied

“Like you have a choice” He said, walking into the bathroom.

I laughed, “What’s your plan for today jo?”

“I’d be meeting with that investor for the business proposal i told you my boss and i have been working on, i’m quite apprehensive about this one, the guy seems a tough nut to crack, but i’d put my best foot forward” He answered.

“Have you thought of taking his favorite wine to him? or maybe lunch at his favorite restaurant” i said, going into the bathroom to sit with him as he showered.

“What if he thinks i’m trying to get him drunk or make him fat, i hear he’s a fitness freak”, he replied

“Then invite him to a game of Tennis and let him win, sometimes you need to get to the soft side of these people, you know how you guys are now, your proposal is tidy enough but you need to play on his emotions too to make him part with his money.” i said 

“You have a point, Ossshheeeyyy, Shally too cute, i’d call my boss and we’d think of something, if it boomerangs, na you o!” he replied.

“And if it works, Net-A-Porter is on sales” I said

He laughed, “What time is your meeting, eyin party planners?”

Ivie’s 4oth birthday was in the next couple of weeks and we had been planning a storm for that one. It was going to be an Old Hollywood Glamour themed party, we were over the moon with excitement with each meeting we had. Ivie was going to be the iconic Audrey Hepburn and Aisha and i were yet to decide who we wanted to go as.

My 4oth party had been a Sex and The City Themed one and of course i was Carrie Bradshaw, while Ivie dressed up as Charlotte and Aishat as Samantha. It was such a fun night.

Aishat on the other hand, had taken us to Seychelles, she wasn’t up for a party but we had one week of exceptional fun and bonding and my brother Dayo’s wife , Misan, had come with us. She had become the irregular 4th in our clique and fit in perfectly. She was away in Canada to have her baby and we couldn’t wait to have her back.

“I have a staff meeting this morning, the girls will join me at the store, we’d order for lunch and have our meeting there. But i plan to go and see my mum after i pick the kids before heading back home” i replied him

“Ok, keep me posted sha” He said as he dried himself to get dressed.

Life had pretty much gone back to normal, it took a lot to get us back there, especially with our finances. I can’t count the losses, the tears of frustration, sleepless nights of planning, *sigh*. Now, we are more than strict with our savings and investments, and nothing stands in the way of that. We still have a long way to go as the economy is biting hard but i feel a lot more secure, especially where the kids are concerned. Tiwatope, Tiwalade and Tiwalola, my sources of pride and joy.

I picked out an outfit, comfort for me was key these days, even the 5″ heels were becoming less appealing.


Hope you enjoyed this episode, i felt every emotion as i was writing this one. It’s such a therapeutic experience for me when i write.

So what are your thoughts on this one?

How important is it to you to save and invest?

Do you have as much fears without children?

Let’s meet in the comment section.

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Shout out to Peniel Enchill, her illustrations bring my characters to life, like she made them for this diaries.

Peace, Love and More shoes




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    I like how you deal with realities of life in the episode. The flashbacks are perfect as we get to find out what happened to the Salewa between episode 2 and now
    Keep up the good work, novel loading……..

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