Diary Of a Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 1

Diary Of a Shoe Lover – Season 3, Episode 1

This by far has been the best post i have had to put up since the blog came back. My girls are back, love is back, reality is back and life is definitely back.


P.S : If there’s an aspect of life you’d like to see in this gripping series, this season , use the comment section below….

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“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…”

(Guests sing Happy Birthday Song to the celebrants).

I looked around me, surrounded by my loved ones – Family, friends, Employees, i could not deny how blessed i was to be standing in this space.

After years of waiting on God for children, He blessed me with not one or two, God gave me three of them at once in both sexes – A boy and 2 Girls. And today, i am here alive and in good health celebrating the 1oth year birthdays of my triplets Tiwatope, Tiwalade and Tiwalola Olanrewaju.

It was a sports themed birthday as that was the only thing the three of them could agree to. Tiwatope, the first of the triplets and the only boy stuck to football, while Tiwalade opted for Tennis and the most vivacious of the three, Tiwalola decided to be a cheerleader for her siblings. Watching them plan their party alongside Ivie’s daughter, Osaretin and Aisha’s Son Khameel made my heart smile. I wished for them an everlasting friendship that would stand the test of time.

Not so much had changed in the past 10 years but a whole lot had happened. To think i am now in my 40’s, 41 to be precise. God has really been wonderful. There have been ups and downs and downs again but through it all, we survived and are still surviving.

My dad passed on 5 years ago from prostrate cancer. It was the most difficult period for all of us, not just his death but how it almost reduced my mum to nothing emotionally and mentally. I am glad he got to see my children and they have become my mum’s source of joy.

My oldest brother Femi and his family had since relocated to Canada when their children got into University. I missed my sister in law, Moji the most, but thank God for Whatsapp and Facetime, keeping in touch was a breeze and we still got to spend holidays together.

My other and immediate older brother, Dayo was now married. He got married to the sweetest girl ever, an itsekiri girl, Misan who had fast become the 4th in our girl clique. It wasn’t difficult to get along with her as we had known her for years, it was such a delight when Dayo told me he was seeing her again. She was in Canada at the moment to have their third and hopefully last baby. In the space of 6years, my brother had loaded her womb.

My circle has not changed one bit, if anything, we have developed a stronger and deeper bond.


Looking at Hakeem and Salewa always brings tears to my eyes, the love they share, so honest, so pure, so true and just how God destined marriage to be. I know they have their moments, but the honesty, loyalty and unshakable trust with which they handle their business can only be from God and of God.

It’s been 10 years, i’d be 40 in the next few weeks and i am totally grateful to God for where i am now. My baby girl, Osaretin is now a teenager and her brother Osagie is 11. They both make me so proud in their morals, academics and general zest for life.

Eddy and i are still very much together, more like living together, but we have definitely drifted apart emotionally. It’s an arrangement that works just fine as i do not see myself going through a divorce process and hurting my kids. The only issue that still stands is the cheating and philandering, every other thing a man should do as a father and husband, Eddy does perfectly. Am i happy? Yes but not emotionally fulfilled.

My faith and trust in God is stronger, my travel and tourism business is thriving, i get to visit the world, i have the best friends ever, i still get very good sex when i want to from my husband, i’m living the best version of the life that i have, so yes i’m happy and would not let one narrative or act of selfishness ruin the lives of my children and maybe even generations to come.


I am blessed, i am indeed so blessed and i’m glad to be celebrating my godchildren today, 10 years later, the triplets are 10. I can’t believe 10 years have gone by so quickly. God indeed has given me double, triple and quadruple for all my past troubles. His mercies upon me are ever sure. Marrying Timehin is the best decision i ever took. Despite the fears i had and the challenges i faced, it has all turned out for good for me.

My first son Khameel is fast becoming a man, he’s 12 going on 40, so full of wisdom and love. His younger brother , 9 year old Oritsegbubemi is a force to reckon with, stubborn and dogged, but in a way that gets him to achieve his goals. He’s been quite a handful and we’ve had to be really strict with him as he’s still prone to being naughty.

Timeyin has been a pillar of support especially with my emotional and psychological well being, i still find myself projecting some of my past on him, but he has been ever so patient and kind and loving and just God sent. I have gone through a series of counselling in the past decade and i can say i’m a better woman – wife, mother and life enthusiast for it.

With my family, my girlfriends (the best ever), my business and God, i have the best support system anyone could ever wish for…


And so it was, at the end of the night, when the chairs had been stacked and the last of the guests had left, all three friends – Salewa, Ivie and Aisha clinked their champagne glasses to another 10 years of happiness, joy and victory through life’s challenges. You can never deny that they’d come, it is the grace and ability to face them and overcome that truly matters.


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