Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 2, Episode 6 – Ugly Revelations And A Baby???

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Season 2, Episode 6 – Ugly Revelations And A Baby???

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“Finally, the third musketeer is getting married”, my oldest brother Femi said.

Me and my two brothers had gone out to lunch. My immediate older brother Dayo had just come back from Canada. He had been away for almost 2years on a course. It was the first time in over 10years that it would be just the 3 of us together alone, no parents, no significant others, no friends. Just us, it felt really good. I didn’t realize how much time had taken its toll on our sibling relationship. Brother Femi, although many years older had to be the coolest brother in the whole world and despite the drama that had come with him over the years, I still loved him deeply.

Dayo and I were closer as were also closer in age. He was and is the ultimate Big brother, he’s the one person that knows practically everything about me, and including the first day I had sex. That was the one person I trusted to keep my secrets. 2years away, even though we chatted almost every day and i had missed him silly.

“Who did Aishat finally commit to o, that’s how that girl didn’t marry me” Dayo said, digging into his Ila Alasepo.

“You this unserious human being, you guys would never have worked out” I said in reply.

“You better look for wife elsewhere” Brother Femi put in.

“But seriously, who’s the lucky guy?” Dayo asked

“It’s one Timehin guy o, she met him when she went to Canada after she had Khameel.” I said in reply.

“Oh Ok, when I went to see her then, she mentioned him in our conversation but nothing important, she was going to dinner with him or something” Dayo explained.

“The guy looks like he has a good head on his shoulders though” Brother Femi said as he washed his hands in the bowl of water on our table.

I brought out my phone to show Dayo a picture. He took a look and immediately washed his hands, took the phone from me to have a closer look.


“Ahn ahn, na the guy be this?” he asked

My heart raced, a million things running through, I said a quick prayer, no ugly revelations, God please.

“Yes he is the one, ki lo de o?” I asked eagerly.

“This is my guy na, Timi, we played basketball together every Sunday at some leisure club I joined. Na confirmed guy o. Really cool guy. Now it all adds up.” He said excitedly.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief, I was super charged, ready to turn all the way up. To be honest, Aishat’s fears had started to rub off on me, but now, my wedding planning antennae was high up there.

Dayo went further to explain how Timehin had mentioned a girl he met and had fallen in love with, how he had also mentioned her son and how that wasn’t a problem for him as he was really in love with the girl. But he had gotten busy with school and Timehin had gone back to Nigeria, so they had kinda lost touch. I couldn’t wait to tell Aishat, but first, I’d have a one on one with Dayo and squeeze all the information he has about Timehin out. I was almost certain there was nothing to fear because knowing my brother, he would have spilled any dirt without mincing words.

We talked some more about other things, each of us relating our current life situations and plans for the immediate future. My brothers were worried about the delay in my getting pregnant, they tried not to express how much, but I could sense it. They each had their calming words and encouraged me not to get discouraged. We talked about Dayo finding a wife and settling down and Brother Femi’s family too. Being with them was all the comfort that I needed, nothing like your own family, flesh and blood. It runs really deep and God had blessed me with an awesome one.


“This is why one needs to live a life of integrity, I mean it’s not like you can be at a 100 all the time, but lead a decent life. It’s such a small world and you never know who knows you.” Hakeem said as we drove into the hospital car park.

“Honestly, things like this have always kept me in check, the good or evil you do will follow you miles around the world. I’m happy in Aisha and Timehin’s case it’s for good, that girl can’t take any more heartbreak abeg, she deserves the best of hearts and I’m happy for her with this one.” I replied.

After lunch with my brothers the previous day, I had gone back to the office but closed early as I started to feel funny. I took a long warm bath and went straight to bed. I didn’t even realize when Hakeem came in.

“Hey baby” He dropped his bag on the floor and knelt down by the side of the bed I was on. He placed his palm on my head. “You’re warm. What’s wrong?”

“A little weak and a slight headache. If it persists, I’d see the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I just need to sleep; it’s been a busy past couple of days.” I replied, sitting up to hug him. I felt better already seeing him, but I won’t admit that. I was in need of some TLC and I was very sure of getting the best from him.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to go now?” he asked pulling me up and holding me into a tight hug. I felt so much at peace being in his arms. I was hopelessly in love with this man, hopelessly in love. I wanted nothing more than to give him at least a child. I said another silent prayer to God, maybe the one millionth prayer in the last 2hours. *Sigh*.

“No Hakeem, I just want to be like this till morning”, I said holding on to him tightly. It must have been close to 10 minutes, but we stayed like that for a long time before he pulled away.

“I’d order take out and have a quick shower, let’s look for something on box office we can rent” He said as he started to take off his clothes.

Somewhere in the middle of the movie we had rented, we both fell asleep and I woke up to a tray of toast bread and eggs, coffee and freshly squeezed juice. I smiled.

“Hey beautiful” he said already dressed for work. “I need to rush off, I have a meeting in 30mins, I didn’t want to wake you up, how do you feel?” He said as I sat on his legs.

“I actually do feel better” I took his head in my hands and gave him a long kiss not minding my morning breath. “Thank you for everything Hakeem, Thank you”

“Go and brush abeg” He said with a straight face.

“F**k you” I replied giving him the middle finger as I went into the bathroom.

“You better start learning to censor these swear words, no cursing once the kids come o. I’d call you soon as I’m done with the meeting. I love you baby” He said, rushing out.

“Love you too” I replied, thinking of what to wear to work. I settled for a Ralph Lauren shirt dress I had bought from House of Fraser about a year ago and paired it with one of my Kurt Geiger pumps.

On my way to work, I decided I’d go ahead to the hospital and run a few tests. It had been long I treated for malaria and with the mosquitoes around, it wouldn’t hurt to take a test just because. I mentioned it to Hakeem when he called and we agreed he’d pick me up during my lunch break.


As we walked into the hospital, my heart skipped a beat. I saw the doctor and he listed all the tests I would take which of course included a pregnancy test. I was used to that and could already predict the outcome. Yet, my heart raced as my blood sample was taken. We sat at the reception talking about Aishat and Timehin, our next step for Lady Cobbler and other random stuff while we waited for the test results. A message came into my phone. It was from Ivie, “He’s here Shalewa, my prince charming is here”, the message came with the picture of the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Tears welled up in my eyes, I was happy, I was overwhelmed, I desperately wanted mine. Just as I handed my phone to Hakeem for him to see the message, I saw the nurse walking towards us.Mrs Olanrewaju, your tests results are out” She said as she handed me the sealed white envelope.


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