Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 5 – The Vow And A Wedding

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 5 – The Vow And A Wedding

Dear Diary,

Last night was magical and that is all. I cannot count how many times i cried. Choi, God needs to send me my own personal bae, not another person’s bae o. My own gan gan. My brother scored best lover in the world goals for all that he put together for Sis Moji. The highlight for me was when he was acknowledging all his wrongs, and how he was committed to dedicate the rest of his life to loving her right, and then Timi Dakolo came out of no where singing “The Vow”. I wish i could freeze that scene forever. From the corner of my eyes, i saw my mum shed a few tears, it was such a beautiful moment. And did my SIL look beautiful or not, her three looks from the vow renewal, the dinner, down to the after party dress were absolutely breath taking. Yesterday was all forms of magic. *SIGH*

Almost a week after the anniversary, and we couldn’t stop talking about it. The girls and i were having an early dinner, the Friday after, at Aisha’s place. She had made this really lovely oil-less efo riro with grilled fish and boiled plantain. I was fast adapting to fitfam life and literally in food heaven.

“I hope we don’t get blinded by your rock” I teased Ivie as she stretched her hand across the table to get some wine. Yes, another big moment from the party. Ivie’s boyfriend had proposed to her that night. Hakeem had made a joke about it earlier, when Timi was serenading us with some good music, saying he was expecting a proposal before the end of the party, little did we know that my girl would be the one.

It wasn’t a public proposal though, they had gone into his car to take some time off when everyone else was dancing and he had popped the question. She joined us later to tell us about it. It didn’t really come as a surprise to us, it was only a matter of when. But nonetheless we were super pumped for her and were already creating hashtags.

It was an 18K White gold Jean Dousset Diamond ring and it blended just perfectly with her Balmain dress that fit her like a glove.

“So you’ve left us in the single and searching market abi?” Aishat said, sipping from her glass of red wine. It was good to see Aisha in a more relaxed mood. Following the episode of taking out the baby, she had been withdrawn and i could totally understand. I can imagine if i had to deal with such a situation.

She had shut down right after the party and no one could reach her for two days. When i became really worried, i went to her house on Wednesday afternoon during my lunch break.

She eventually opened the door after about 30 minutes. She looked a mess and obviously hadn’t had a bath in more than 24hours. I knew the guilt would kill her, it killed me inside too but i was trying to find my peace. I talked to her and talked with her and we both prayed to God for mercy, healing and restoration on all sides. I was able to get her to go to her store, while i went back to the office and then she spent the night at mine.

Ivie gave a long laugh, her laughter was infectious, so was her spirit. “You guys don’t even know the last of it, i’m actually quite scared at the thought of marriage. Don’t get me wrong, Eddy is everything and i love him dearly, but the institution of marriage itself. Look at your brother and his wife, Salewa. How many marriages can survive what they went through. Hmmn, your SIL is truly a virtuous woman o” She finished off, picking up her plate to take it to the kitchen.

I sighed, Sis Moji was really a special person. Speak of everything inhuman a man can do to a woman especially in a young marriage, my brother did to her. To the point that my dad threatened to disown him. I think the only thing he didn’t do was physically abuse her.

The infidelity was out of this world, it was as if he had signed a pact with the devil to sleep with everything in skirts once he got married. The funny thing was that before their wedding, he was faithful and clean. I remember when he was in Uni and i was a lot younger, i used to wish to have a boyfriend like him. He doted on his girlfriends and not once did i know that he dated two girls at the same time.

Their situation disturbed everyone, especially my parents. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Sis Moji came crying that he had infected her with an STD. She moved out with the kids at that point. It took a lot of begging, counselling and spiritual intervention to get them back together and i think at that point, my brother had come around.

“I understand your fears Ivie, but i think what’s most important is that you go into the institution with that one person that you have no doubt in your heart about. The fact that you completely dig Eddy is a good start, if you had any doubts, then i’d have said think am well”. i said, following her with my plate in hand.

I remember Sis Moji telling me the only hope she held on to was knowing that somewhere in her heart she still loved my brother. Yes, she was really hurt and emotionally damaged, it only made her wiser and stronger to make better decisions but it didn’t diminish the love she had for him, she only loved him differently and loved herself more.

“Yea, what Salewa said is true. Having doubts about your fiance is a red flag. You know, when the whole baby thing happened, the thought of…” Aisha was saying.

“What baby thing?” Ivie cut her off.

Aisha looked in my direction and i nodded slowly in approval. She brought her up to date on all that had happened and apologized for keeping it away from her.

“I’m really sorry Ai, but why do these things have to happen? Ivie said looking sad.

“Well, i got drunk, lost my senses and had unprotected sex with a guy i’m not even dating. That’s exactly why that happened. Quit feeling sorry for me, we all have choices, we should pray to make the right ones and when we make wrong ones, we should try to get out of it and move on quickly.” Aisha replied her.

“Abeg, this conversation is getting too deep, this one Ivie’s face is looking like this. Listen babe, every relationship has it’s own situation. The most important thing is be sure your man has your back. Don’t overthink it, love yourself enough not to lose yourself. Now let’s get to planning that wedding” Aisha said, giving Ivie a big hug.

“Let’s start with the shoes, i know you’re a Zanotti lover, but i’m sorry girl, we’re looking elsewhere this time. I’m thinking Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Rene or Brian…..” I was saying excitedly.

“Hollup, Aunt shoes, i haven’t even told my dad yet, you’re already buying shoe” Ivie said, cutting me short.

“Yea , yea whatever, you will sha get married in shoes, so the earlier the better” I replied, giving her the palm.

We all laughed as we went back into the living room getting ready to watch one of our favorite movies, Sex And The City, for what will be the 100th time.

“That reminds me, i need to get curtain rods to use as shoe storage in my room o, there’s no space on that shelf again after my last shoe binge” I said.

“Curtain rods?, how will that look?” Aisha asked.

“Let me show you something off soledivas blog” I replied, navigating on my phone to the blog content.

Just about then, an Email notification came in, it was a debit alert. I decided to open it, i had been wanting to check my account balance anyway. My mouth hung open, i logged into my internet banking to be sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. N22,345.67. How the hell did i get here?

Language Index

Gan Gan – Nigerian slang that expresses emphasis

Timi Dakolo – Nigerian R and B music artiste

SIL – Acronym for SIster In Law

STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease 

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