Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 2 – Family, Friends and FootCandy

Diary Of A Shoe Lover – Episode 2 – Family, Friends and FootCandy

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Dear Diary,

“Sope’s wedding has to be the best wedding i’ve attended ever. Whattttt? From the church service to the reception and then the after party. And to think she planned most of it herself. She should just go into events planning and call it a day. Just so you know, i didn’t buy the rose gold sandals and that’s because they were gone before me and mumc got to Sole Divas store. Guess what tho?, mum lent me her Sergio Rossi Gold sandals. I had to change the style of my dress last minute so i could flaunt them, maybe that’s why i enjoyed the party so much. The perks of wearing the same size as your fashionista mama. Meanwhile, we got the Guinness contract and yes i got a raise plus a commission. Can the year start out any better than this?. Let me get ready, Hakeem is picking me up in an hour.”sergio-rossi-gold-embellished-sandals-profile

It’s not everyday my mum lets me wear her shoes. It doesn’t even happen yearly. For her to give me her almost $1,000 plus Sergio Rossi sandals and i didn’t have to ask, this year is indeed my year. Because of her, i love luxury shoes, but my pocket cannot afford them yet and in my house, you do not live above your means, that is how my dad raised us.

Now, i’m starting to appreciate it better because only God knows the kind of gbese i would have found myself in. Even with the high street brands i buy, i still find myself in debts. The only 2 pairs of luxury shoes i own are my Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps in Nude and the Pigalle Follies in Black.

Image result for pigalle follies 100mm in black

My mum gave me the black pair as a graduation gift, she said she wanted me to slay while i’m looking for work. SMH, that woman is just something else. The nude pair came from my dad when i got my first job as an accounting assistant right after my NYSC.

Image result for pigalle 100mm in nude

He said he was proud i got the job myself without getting him to ‘push any buttons’.  I love my family, my life will suck without them. Tough love, but very genuine.

“Your lover is here o”, announced Dayo, my immediate older brother, as he came in to my room.

“Who is your lover, you have come again?” i replied, checking myself out in my full length wardrobe mirror. I looked good sha.

Hakeem had sent a text a few days back telling me he would be in town and would like for us to go out to lunch to catch up. He had moved to Dubai a year ago after landing himself a job with a multinational engineering firm.  I smoothed out my pleated skirt and grabbed my purse.

UntitledHakeem and i had been friends for over ten years. We met at the Teens Church when we lived in Surulere. We had hit it off nicely and remained friends over the years seeing each other through our many relationships and consoling ourselves through heartbreaks but were never intimately attracted to each other at any point of our friendship. It was a breath of fresh air from my other male friends who always found their way to asking me out or who i ended up being emotionally attached to.

“This one you’re looking so hot, later you’d say you are just friends” Dayo teased, heading back towards the door.

“Dee, abeg free me, me and the guy are just friends and you know. If i wanted to date him, i would have” i replied, wondering what he was on about.

“I’m just looking out for you sissy, i don’t have any more tissue to clean your heartbroken teary eyes” He said and shut the door behind him.

My eyes picked on my mum’s Rene Caovilla Pumps she had worn to Sope’s wedding waiting to be cleaned,bagged and returned to her closet.


I made a mental note to get to it this weekend before the woman would have my head for dinner. For now, I was just going out to have lunch and see a movie with my girls after.

“Mehn, Salewa, Hakeem has changed a lot o” Ivie said as she pulled up in front my house. We had just left the Maryland Mall in Ikeja to see The Wedding Party. Ivie Odiase and Aisha Musa Illo have been my best friends since our primary school years. Of course we all have other friends from our different Universities and work places but like peas in a pod, we have been inseparable.

“You guys keep saying the guy has changed, me i don’t see what you are talking about”, i replied, as i collected the Saks5thAvenue bag Hakeem had given me from Aisha, while we were at lunch earlier. I was way too anxious to see what was in the bag, but he had insisted that i wait till i get home.

“At least, i hope you can see the guy has eyes for you and before you ask me what that means, he likes you and wants to be with you, shikena” Aisha, the very say it as it is girl said, handing me the bag.


“All i know is that, i had a good time, i’m tired and i need my bed. Good night girls!” i replied and got out of the car, sending them air kisses.

It had been a good day and as i made my way into the house, i thought about Hakeem. He had seemed a bit strange at lunch, not his usual chatty self. He was a bit formal and i think nervous but i had overlooked it. With the girls’ insinuations, i was starting to think again, but i couldn’t quite place my mind on it.

I got into my room, took my shoes off and placed them beside my mum’s, so i would remember to clean them out. I was too anxious to open the bag and my heart literally stopped when i did. Not just one, but two pairs of Christian Dior shoes from the 2016 collection.


I had kind of guessed they were shoes, it wasn’t Hakeem’s first time buying me shoes, in fact, he gave me a pair for every birthday. We had been friends for so long and of course he knew about my crazy obsession. But these babies right here, caught me unawares.

I remember seeing the collection on Sole Divas Blog and when he had called later that day, that was all i could talk about. I even sent him the link like he could really care and now this. It took a lot not to scream the roof down. Even my mum will be green with envy.

I put my feet in and they were just perfect. I took a picture with a pair of each on both feet and sent it to Ivie and Aisha. I was going to send it to my mum too, but i wasn’t ready for her drama.





Shally Too Cute: “Hakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmm”

Hakeem: “I take that to be a thank you?”

Hakeem: “You’re welcome”

Shally Too Cute: “You Know you didn’t have to”

Hakeem: “I can return them o”

Shally Too Cute: “Lol… If i hear”

Shally Too Cute: “I’d call you in the morning, thanks nuccah”

Hakeem: “Sha make sure sleep, they’d still be there when you wake up”

Shally Too Cute: “hahahahaha, Ode!, good night jo”

Hakeem: ‘smile emoji’… “Good Night”.

I saw message notifications from Ivie and Aisha but ignored it. All i needed now was a nice long bath, my thoughts and sleep. I put the shoes by my pillow, they would be spending the night with me on my bed. I want them to be the first thing i’d see when i wake up.

I wasn’t very sure about church the following day but now my mind was made up. I had every reason to thank God for how well the year had started plus i had just the perfect outfit for one of my new Diors.

church flow

I wonder what my mum would say. I would have to wait till morning to find out.


Gbese: Nigerian yoruba language meaning DEBT

SMH: Shaking My Head

NYSC: National Youth Service Corp, a program for Nigerian university graduates to serve the country.

Surulere, Ikeja: Places in Lagos Nigeria

Saks5thAvenue: A Luxury Retail store


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