A Day In The Life Of Jay – The Search For Bole And Fish in my Michael Kors Flats!!!

A Day In The Life Of Jay – The Search For Bole And Fish in my Michael Kors Flats!!!

I have wanted to do this for quite sometime now, but lack of a photographer would not let me be great. An opportunity showed up today and the timing was just perfect.


It was lunch time and i had been craving for bole. I usually pack my lunch to work and today i had packed vegetable soup and boiled potatoes. But the hunger for bole won’t let me sit still. My Michael Kors loafers was also motivation to hit the streets knowing i could go quite a distance without any discomfort.


Armed with my GTBank hand fan, my Iphone and N1,000, i hit the streets of Ede, Ogbunabali in search of bole and fish. Port Harcourt is known to have the best bole by the way.


Anywhere can be your run way, all you need to do is walk the walk.


On second thoughts, i called my colleague and bullied him into going with me to take some shots. Better than approaching a total stranger on the streets of PH.


In no time, i had spotted one bole stand. Yup, right there!!!


This is what i got up to and i’d let the pictures tell the story. Bole order placed, i decided to take a tour of the area for future shoots.


Meet me on the other side!!!


Well, in case you really want me to hug transformer….


……..It’s never going to happen


On my way back to get my bole, i made a friend!


And i usually have to be a little extra!!!


I was caught doing the butterfly dance…


And finally my bole was ready, such a pretty woman even in the heat of the moment, like literally!!!


PhotoCredit : Nathaniel

I usually don’t feel elegant in flat shoes or flat anything, but looking at these pictures, i look yum, if i do say so myself. I love the tan on the Michael Kors and they are so so comfortable. They were a gift from my husband, but I’ve seen them on LYST and ZALANDO


Michael Kors Hamilton loafers


Outfit details

  • Yellow Rock and Roll inscribed Tee and earrings from House of Deeds
  • Black skirt and belt from a thrift store – new with tags but oh so cheap.


OH and click below for some Boomerang moments….










I will certainly be doing more of this as i review some of my shoes in the process. Like or not, please use the comment section or click on a smiley to let me know what you feel.


Peace, love and be happy!!!



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