The Craziest and Weirdest Shoes Around The Web

The Craziest and Weirdest Shoes Around The Web

Long time, no post. I’m having the busiest month ever but 9 days of no blogging and it doesn’t feel right. It haunts me when i remember i haven’t been here and i have so many articles to post, *sigh*. I actually had a dream i was being chased by people asking me why i left them hanging, hahahaha. No it’s not that serious. Anyway, let me share with you guys the craziest and weirdest shoes I’ve seen around  the web.

The Gadget Shoes: I would rock these in a beat. I love the stereo inspired sneakers. I don’t know if they are really wired to work, but it would be totally cool if they are.

The Pokemon/Game boy wedges are a winner as well, and the metallic music player wedges speak night life. Picture a night out in this silver metallic pair with the music control lights 0n. So yea, these 3 i would wear.


Stereo Inspired Sneakers


Pokemon/ Game boy inspire Wedges


Music Player Wedges

The Food Inspired Shoes: Those Nike Burger sneakers will make me drop my fitfam life for a minute…lol! For one, it’s really creative. Now i don’t know if they are really for wearing or just another food art, looks like food to me tho! I like how the vegetable turned out with the woven work on the wedges. And because they are green, they look really good to wear. Yes i will rock them but definitely not the burger sneakers.


Nike Burger Sneakers


Vegetable woven work Wedges

The Sneaker Leggings: The only thing i could think of is what happens when you have to take off your shoes… I love’em however, makes dressing up really quick… Pants and shoes at once.


Sneaker Leggings

The Caged Animals Platform Shoes: These shoes have animals trapped in their clear platforms. I find them a bit creepy. Imagine wearing them on a date and they somehow manage to escape (Assuming they are alive) crawling up your legs… EWWWW!!!


Caged Insects


Caged Fish


Caged Mice

Furry Feet: I love this and would wear them around the house all day everyday


Fur Shoes

The Confusionist Shoes: Let us come and go, that’s what i call this one. How do they even fit?


Hooves and a shot: I like them, they don’t look comfortable but i would have this as a shoe collector.



The Car Shoes: These are my absolute favorite. I want a Mercedes Benz C-Class inspired pair. They are gorgeous, oh yes they are.



There are some more i came across from goofy to creepy and spooky, but because it’s a quick post, i picked out my favorite from the crazies. I could do a part 2. Let me get back to my reality and now i feel better sharing from my happy place. I promise to be back soon. No, i won’t be gone for another 9 days.

Did you know Rita Dominic was once our #Womancrush and On a #Wantitwednesday post, we totally went crazy with heels and platforms and ogled Kurt Geiger on another? You can end your evening with the nine episodes of the first season of the Diary Of A shoe Lover.

My posts maybe far between in the next couple of weeks (And i can’t wait to share with you why…wink*) but with over a 150 posts, there’s so much for you to catch up on.

Peace, Love and how weird can you get?



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