In Her Closet – Season 2, Episode 5 – Kach Her If You Can!!!

In Her Closet – Season 2, Episode 5 – Kach Her If You Can!!!

New York Based, Nigerian Born Celebrity Stylist , Kanayo Ebi is an eclectic fashionista. Stylist and Image consultant to the stars, her brand Kach Me If You Can certainly deserves a whole lot of accolades and definitely has plenty assurance.

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She’s mostly associated with the Simmon sisters – Vanessa and Angela but has under celebrities under her long list of clients like –  Kate Winslet, Leona Lewis, Dawn Richards, Adrienne Bailon, Rocsi of 106 & Park, Tiwa Savage, J. Cole and many others. She has also worked for big brands like Coca Cola and Pastry, worked on BET Awards and created look books for many fashion designers.



WIth Angela Simmons


Recently, she was in Nigeria for the Kach It Project and that was when i really, really fell in love. She’s obviously very, very passionate about what she does and you can feel all that energy in this interview with her.


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JAY: You’re a celebrity stylist, when and how did this start for you?
KANAYO: Fashion has always been something I have loved and appreciated, especially growing up, traveling a lot and getting a chance to live in different countries and experience different cultures. I always used to shop and pick out things for my parents and friends and once i got into college, I met friends, who modeled on the side (while going to school).
After college I worked different jobs, some in line with my degree in psychology and some just general admin jobs, but one I really enjoyed despite how hectic, was when i worked at Bergdorf Goodman, assisting the sales rep and personal shopper/stylist. Though it was so tedious having to keep the floor in order etc I enjoyed being around the clothes and being introduced to new designers and brands but most importantly the satisfaction of helping clients find the perfect pieces.
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After the course of time, my friend had a last minute photo shoot, she asked me to help with styling and even though I wasn’t sure I was capable of doing it, I said Yes anyways and figured it out later. It went amazingly well, and I enjoyed the experience. I connected with different people at the shoot i.e photographer, make up artist, hair stylists etc and really took it upon myself to really try to learn more about the business of styling and all the elements that go into it (PR, Admin etc).
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I found a couple of stylists I could work under, who worked with different publications at the time and immersed myself in learning the business of styling and never stopped wanting and trying to learn all the facets of fashion in general. All in all its been fulfilling and I love every aspect of it, no matter how crazy or fickle it could get, you take the good with the bad. That’s the long and short of it.
JAY: Shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, make up, if you were allowed to pick ONLY one of these, which would it be and why?
KANAYO: This is a tough one because accessories in general is my thing but if I truly had to pick just one i would say hmmmmmm Shoes but if you had it listed here, I think i would have picked Jackets.
JAY: Who’s your favorite luxury designer?
KANAYO: Ralph Lauren has always been my ultimate favorite; I just love the timeless/classic, effortless feel of the brand. Then also Balenciaga, Fendi and Alexander Wang. I’m very much into Edgy but I also like a classic feel with a bit of simplicity and mixing it all into one.
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Balenciaga Knife Boots, Simply Edgy!!!

JAY: What’s your personal favorite shoe style?
KANAYO: I love all style of shoes and I wear them all but I’m definitely a sneaker girl. I’m a New Yorker and we have to walk and commute everywhere, so its always best to be comfortable. I’m so happy now we have a variety of sneaker trends, where its even made its way into couture. There are chic fashionable sneakers that can constitute as a statement piece in an outfit.
JAY: What is that one pair of shoes that you consider a classic and that every woman should own.
KANAYO: I would say a pair of black Patent Leather (my preference) court heels ; the height of the heel entirely up to you ( but I always subscribe to 5 inches and above).

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JAY: Approximately how many shoes can we find in your closet?
KANAYO: Whoa!!! I actually have no idea. I have an obscene need to always buy shoes/accessories and can find a way to justify every buy, lol (chronicles of a shopaholic), but lets see, I recently did a huge wardrobe clean out so lets say like maybe 50+ lol.
JAY: Would you like to share an embarrassing shoe moment or a pet peeve?
KANAYO: Pet peeve hmmm lets see, I have a lot of those but as it relates to shoes/skin I would say ashy feet/skin. It bothers me insanely. I don’t know why. If I can help it, I always carry a travel size bottle of lotion with me, just in case I am ever caught in a predicament like that (me or others) , I can make sure I can rectify the situation with immediate effect. That is how much it irks me.
JAY: What’s the most you have spent on a pair of shoes?
KANAYO: Hmmm I won’t say the most I’ve spent but I’ll tell you it was on a pair of Chanel boots 😉


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Loving this pair!!! Gorgeous


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JAY: What is that one pair of shoes that always saves you in a client styling situation?
KANAYO: I would say a pair of simple barely there strappy heeled sandals or Nude pumps.
JAY: Kindly share one essential tip.:
KANAYO: Accessories (i.e jackets, shoes, jewelry and bags) are the major keys to any outfit/ Ensemble. It is what ultimately brings an outfit together or defines the occasion of an outfit.

With The CEO Of 803 Lounge, Dr Sim


Lets take for example the difference, wearing a pair of skinny jeans with heels, a clutch bag, white t shirt, with a blazer and a chunky gold necklace and wearing the same exact outfit but instead with sneakers, a denim jacket and a waist bag and simple chains.

Kanayo With My Favorite Aunt Remi, Personal Shopper and Stylist



Do you see the difference? The same exact outfit, but by switching out the accessories, they became two completely different looks.


This has been no doubt one of my favorite interviews so far. Very insightful, full of passion and love for what she does. I enjoyed it and hope you do too.


Peace, Love and Kach Her If You Can



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