In Her Closet – Episode 18 – Veronica Odeka

In Her Closet – Episode 18 – Veronica Odeka

Beauty and Fashion Entrepreneur, Veronica Odeka of Vane style and CEO of Nigeria’s leading nail polish brand Vane Polish knows her onions when it comes to styling.



Stylist to Genevieve Nnaji and other high profile Nigerian celebrities, she has been in the game for years. A former model, her sense of style is a breath of fresh air as she knows how to incorporate her colors and textures be it for a red carpet, corporate or casual look.


Genevieve NNaji Styled in Nigerian Designer Maki OH outfit with a pair of Louboutin Sova Broda Sandals



Styled in Tope F n R dress for the 2016 Africa Magic Viewer’s choice awards

She’s the fourth of the stylists i have had since these series started after Ezinne Zinkata, Yummie Ogebor and Moses Ebite. Let’s get into the interview and see what this fabulous mom of 3 has In Her Closet.


Ezinne Zinkata and Veronica Odeka


JAY: You’re the style connoisseur, you’re original and authentic. Where did the journey to being a stylist start? Was it what you always wanted to do?
VERONICA: I have been styling since i was a teenager, I modeled for 10 years and that was my gateway into styling as a career.
FullSizeRender (1)
JAY: It’s no surprise you have an amazing taste when it comes to footwear, what is your favorite shoe style?
VERONICA: I love an open toe with detail.
JAY: How much of the saying “beauty is pain” applies to you? Would you wear a pair of fabulous shoes, although uncomfortable just because they’re fabulous
VERONICA: I try to avoid uncomfortable shoes and will opt for fashionable sneakers or flats instead.
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JAY: What are your favorite shoes at the moment and why?
VERONICA: Marni sandals, Malone Souliers mules because they are detailed and comfortable.

Marni Sandals


Malone souliers Mules

JAY: Genevieve Nnaji is one of your oldest clients, what has been your greatest moment with her as her stylist?

VERONICA: She is a star style on her own, i work with her on defining what she already likes. We have so many great looks together and hope to continue.
JAY: On retail therapy, What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of shoes?
VERONICA: I am a bargain shopper so i look for the best deals, but i did spend a pretty penny on a pair of Jimmy Choo open toe sandals for my anniversary.
JAY: Who’s your favorite footwear designer and why?
VERONICA: Any and all shoe designers that have sizes larger than a 40 are my favorite.
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 JAY: Given the chance to raid a celebrity’s shoe closet, home or abroad, whose would it be?
VERONICA: I have raided the best of my personal clients i style, and since we all know Nigerian women have glamorous style, i can say i don’t need to raid any more.
JAY: Skin care, hair, jewelry, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, bags. If you had to pick just one of these items, which would it be?
VERONICA: I would always pick a beauty item so it would be nail polish.
JAY: From the days of modeling to becoming a mom, would you say your preference in foot wear has changed, if yes, how so?
VERONICA: Not really, except now i have a much more active life so flats work best for me.
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JAY: Where’s your favorite place to shop for shoes knowing you’d be spoilt for choice..
VERONICA: Bergdorf goodman in Newyork.
JAY: Are there any home grown shoe brands you’re into?
VERONICA: I love Gbemisoke because she makes shoes for larger shoe sizes.

Gbemisoke mules

JAY: Your nail polish brand,  is the first of its kind in Nigeria and I love it, platinum stilettos being my favorite for my toe nails. What’s your favorite shade for a pedicure?
VERONICA: I love a bright red any day of the week , or a clean white for a crisp feel .
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 FullSizeRender (7)
JAY: Please share with us any helpful tips related to shoes
VERONICA: Always apply a minimum of 5 wardrobe staples to your closet.
True to her art, i loved it. Well done mama. Hope you guys enjoyed it too. Until our next guest.
Peace, Love and More Shoes

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