In Her Closet – Episode 14 – It’s Nigerian Top Designer Tope Abiola of “Frock It And Rock It”

In Her Closet – Episode 14 – It’s Nigerian Top Designer Tope Abiola of “Frock It And Rock It”

Matopeda Abiola is a Fashion Designer who has made her mark in the Nigerian Fashion Industry with entertainment A-listers such as Genevieve Nnaji, Dolapo Oni Sijuade, Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa among others.


Matopeda Abiola


Genevieve Nnaji In Frock It Rock It


Tiwa Savage in F N R


Toke Makinwa Slaying in F nR


Dolapo Oni sijuade in F n R

To her credit also are Beyoncé and Angela Simmons among other international names.

Image result for angela simmons in tope fnr

Angela simmons in F n R

I got to know about her when Beyoncé wore one of her pieces on a vacation to Hawaii in 2015 and was trending all over social media.


Bey on Vacation in Hawaii

 Asides her passion with designing outfits, shoes are her kryptonite and that is why she is here on this episode of In Her Closet.

Like many of the other features, I have never met her but she was so sweet throughout our email correspondences.


Enjoy the interview…

E-Interview with Tope Abiola

JAY: What does style mean to you?
TOPE: Style is personal. It is all about introducing who you are to the world using pieces. 

JAY: You design absolutely lovely outfits for your clients, when creating a design, do you at any point picture the shoes that will suit the design and client?

TOPE: I tend to always ask my clients which pair of shoes they will be wearing. If we are making a statement piece, you tend to want to wear simple, classic shoes but if it is a more conservative piece then you can wear shoes that make a statement. They tend to be conversational starters.


Angela Simmons in F n R Beaded dress

JAY: On a scale of 1-10, how are important are shoes to you in creating a total look?

TOPE: Honestly, 10!!!! 


JAY: Would you consider yourself a shoe lover?

TOPE: I am obsessed with shoes. It’s my kryptonite but I love it. 


JAY: Luxury foot wear designers or high street?

TOPE: Luxury. You pay for what you get. If you spend more, it will last longer. 


Tope In Sophia Webster sandals

JAY: Who’s your favorite luxury footwear designer and why?

TOPE: I don’t really have favourites. My classic pumps are Christian Louboutins and those are for church and meetings. My classic sandals and my uniform are from Saint Laurent. 


Image result for louboutin pumps

Louboutin classic pumps


Image result for Saint Laurent sandals

Yves Saint Laurent Sandals

JAY: What are your favorite shoes at the moment and why?

TOPE: My favorite at the moment are trainers from Joshua Sanders. They are just AMAZING!!! I love traveling in them. 

Joshua Sanders Sneakers

JAY: What’s the most you’ve spent on a pair of shoes?

TOPE: I can’t really say but this year I bought these Dolce and Gabbana slippers for £695 and two weeks later it was 50% off. That really hurt. 


50% off 2weeks later, OUCH!!!

JAY: If you had to splurge on just one of these items which would it be – shoes, bag, jewelry, skincare, sunglasses or hair?

TOPE: Shoes!!!! It’s so easy. 


JAY: How did you feel when you had your Beyoncé moment? Finding out she wore one of your designs?

TOPE: It was an awesome feeling. I just felt really loved, love from God because He did it. 


Awesome wouldn’t even cut it….

JAY: One advice to ladies on style.

TOPE: You have to be comfortable and do what makes you happy.

Comfort is key

That’s it from Tope Abiola, find her on instagram for amazing designs and some more foot candy. Until next time

Peace, Love, Frock It and Rock It


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