Beauty, Brains and Valentinos – It’s CNN’s Isha Sesay!!!

Beauty, Brains and Valentinos – It’s CNN’s Isha Sesay!!!

Except there’s a story rocking the world, like the death of Michael Jackson, you’d most likely not catch me watching CNN. In the past few years, my husband has kind of rubbed off on me and i find myself tuning in to 401 once or twice a month…Lol!

One of the few people i like and would stay tuned anytime i find them on is French born Sierra Leonan Isha Sesay, Anchor and correspondent for CNN International. From her smile to her charisma and high level of intelligence, i find myself glued when she’s on air.


Memorable moments with her on TV (Yea they are memorable) for me are her interviews with Actor Djimon Hounsou, Super Model Alek wek and Liberian president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. And then in 2014, how she was really into the #Bringbackourgirls campaign when the Chibok girls were kidnapped. I remember also catching a few moments of her coverage from South Africa following the death of Nelson Mandela.

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Oooh and when she joined Michelle Obama in Liberia and Morocco for an upcoming CNN Films, “We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educated Girls Around the World.” The film, with Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto, focuses on girls overcoming incredible challenges to achieve an education. I just over all love how passionate she is about what she does.


Isha is quite the conservative dresser and so is her life. Outside work, she’s a very private person and you can hardly find anything about her life flying around, but i dug, i dug into her wardrobe… lol! Didn’t find much to be honest but enough to share with you her shoe obsession – The Valentino Rock Stud Pumps.

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She sure has an enviable collection of the classic pumps and rocks them well too.


In other shoe styles…



05/19/2015 - Isha Sesay - The 40th Anniversary Gracies Awards 2015 - Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, CA, US - Keywords: Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: CelebLens / - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1




I don’t know why it took so long to get this post up but i’m glad i finally did. Asides bringing on all the inside scoop from news around the world, we now know one more thing about Isha Sessay.

Peace, Love and Valentinos




  • sandra
    August 1, 2017

    I love her so much wow weldone sis

  • Stella Adetunji
    August 13, 2017

    Jay, you’re doing a great job with these infos with so much on your table…. Keep at it girl!

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