Be True To Yourself! – Practical Tips On Shopping Shoes On Line And In Store

Be True To Yourself! – Practical Tips On Shopping Shoes On Line And In Store

As much as i’m a shoe lover, a pointed toe pump lover and more importantly a louboutin lover, I knew thoughts of me were not anywhere on his mind when he created the “So Kate” pumps.

christianlouboutin-sokate-3130694_pk1a_1_1200x1200_1477588049He must have been thinking 50kg body weight, lean and slender. And no Christian, I ain’t even mad at you. I understand totally.


The So Kates would forever remain one of my absolutely favorite pumps, but from the first time I got the chance to put my feet in them, I knew they weren’t for me.

I used to be that girl that could rock 5″ heels and wouldn’t mind the discomfort.

5″ gladiator sandals in 2009

Yea, my body weight and lifestyle those years could accommodate it.

7 years later with 3 kids and a shift in weight, i’m learning to embrace my reality till I can work my way back to yesteryears. 

Mid heel sandals

And this is why i’m here today. 

It’s one thing to buy a gorgeous pair of shoes, it’s another thing to enjoy wearing them and thereby get your money’s worth.

I’d be sharing practical tips in this two part post on how to shop for shoes, online and in store. 

Let’s start with in store shopping which gives more room to make better decisions.


Shopping In store

I can spend a whole week from store to store shoe shopping and I wouldn’t complain for one minute.


The excitement

The fact that I can try on the shoes and see how they fit always gets me high (if you know what I mean).


Typical shoe lover

Essentially, these are things to look out for when shopping in store.

COMFORT: The moment you put your feet in a pair of shoes, you know whether you can last an hour in them or not, trust me we always know, but sometimes because the shoes are too beautiful, we make excuses to accommodate the discomfort.


 From experience

  • Make sure you’re wearing both pairs ( Most stores should give you a pair of clean nylon socks, if not, be sure your feet are clean)


  • Walk around the store space allowed to see if the heels would carry your weight gracefully ,paying attention to pressure on your back, knees and the soles of your feet.


  • And if your feet fit nicely and comfortably to the arch and width of the shoes.

With this, you can tell the level of comfort you’d be getting and what you can or cannot manage. 

If the heel is too thin, there are cone heels, platform heels, block heels e.t.c that are more comfortable. 

No matter how tempting the thin heels maybe, you’re better off admiring them. Your pocket and your feet would thank you later.


Painfully thin, most likely uncomfortable

I used to love pencil heels, I still do, I find them dainty and elegant, but I no longer go for them as they are not as comfortable as they used to be.

I have found equally elegant heel styles that are way more comfortable. I love my heels, I just look out for what works best for me.


Cone heels for the win… Absolute comfort


Mid heel embellished pumps


Ankle Strap cone heels, just because comfort is key


Mid heel sling back evening pumps

FABRIC: If you do not have the time to care and maintain certain shoe fabrics, then please leave them. 

Suede, Satin and the now trending velvet are shoe fabrics that I love.







But they are the most difficult to maintain. I have shared cleaning and maintenance tips here in the past. 

For every pair of suede shoes purchased, SoleDivas gives you a can of suede spray. 

It hurts to see lush velvet or satin carry stains *cringe*

For leather, patent and other easier materials, rub slightly with your thumb, If there are flakes or it creases, you most likely don’t want to buy them. This is an indication they wont last long.


If they turn out like this when you rub on them, you don’t want to buy them.

If they are up on sale though and parting with the money won’t hurt,  you can buy them just because. 

With the right kind of care, they would serve you but may not last as long as you’d love.

HEEL CAPS, SOLES AND GLUE POINTS: These are areas you want to look out for. Some shoes come with extra heel caps because they are prone to easy wear and tear. 


 If you really want them, put into consideration how often you’d wear them, where you’d wear them to and the level of activity. 

If it requires just a car ride to the venue, sitting pretty at the venue and back into the car, then you may just get them. But if you have to walk or stand for long periods in them, you’d want to go for sturdier heel caps and soles.

You also want to look at every point the shoe is attached to the sole. If the point of attachment is starting to lift off, then you most likely don’t want to get them.

SHOESTYLE: Be it pumps, Ankle straps, T Bar and so on, be sure they fit properly.

  • Pumps shouldn’t cramp your toes too much that you can see the outline of your toes in the shoes.
  • Ankle straps shouldn’t be too snug or hard that they bite your ankles and give you blisters.
  • Strappy sandals shouldn’t be so tight that they leave marks on your skin.

  • Shoes should be wide enough to accommodate your feet without them slipping out.

Just like clothes, not all shoe styles go well with the shape of your feet and your body structure. You should learn what exactly suits you.

These are the major things to look out for before parting with your money. There are thousands of gorgeous looking shoes, but do they feel as good? 

It’s not enough to have a 100 pairs of shoes, how many of them can you actually wear?

From buying a few pairs in different styles, you know the brands that serve you well. Stick to them. This would make shopping online with such brands easier.

Don’t expect the quality of $1,000 pair of shoes with $10. On the other hand, not every $1,ooo pair of shoes would give you the comfort you desire. It’s all about smart buying. 

Read reviews, ask questions, whether luxury, high street or locally made. As long as you’re spending money, you have the right to know.

Remember, being comfortable makes you feel confident and that’s the best look you can wear.

Online shopping tips would come in a follow up post. 

(Photo Credit: Getty images, Google images, wiki how)

Until then

Peace, love and shop in stores



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