A Day In The Life Of Jay – Things Fell Apart In This Embarrassing Shoe Moment!!!

A Day In The Life Of Jay – Things Fell Apart In This Embarrassing Shoe Moment!!!

One of the things I consciously decided for 2019 is to go to church with my family as often as we can with no excuses. So when I started to feel lazy on Saturday evening, I found motivation in my ‘new shoes’ ( DO NOT JUDGE). Quickly, I put together something easy and comfortable in my head with the shoes being the highlight. Lush Ink Blue velvet T Bar Peep Toe Pumps with gold trimmings, I had been itching to wear them.






Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of them at the point of purchase and I really regret this, these shoes are beautiful, the color, the style, the fit, everything! Coming from me, trust me, they are. Anyway, I got the boys ready and got dressed up, ready for my Sunday morning photo shoot and off we went to church.










It was the 7.30 am service  so there weren’t a lot of people around except for the protocol guys and 2 ushers. Just as I got to the entrance, I noticed that one part of the right sandal was on the floor. I didn’t quite understand what was happening until my son said “Mummy your shoes are falling apart”.








I looked down at my feet and literally burst into laughter. I laughed at myself because as we’d say, “I used my hand to do myself, BIG TIME”. I sat down on one of the chairs at the door, took them off and went to get my slippers from the car.





One of the ushers while I was taking off the shoes, came to me to help with my bag and said,“These shoes know how to disgrace someone sha, sorry ma”  I couldn’t help but feel she was mocking me.









I replied saying, “I’m the one that chose to disgrace myself o”, but I am sure she won’t have understood what I meant.






What I haven’t told you in all of this is how I got these shoes. Earlier in the week, I had gone to buy a few things for the house. I was driving by and saw this supermarket with a lot of shoes displayed outside. It was a matter of reflex, I didn’t think about it, I automatically parked in front.






All the shoes displayed were GORGEOUS and then this blue velvet ones caught my eye. It was love at first sight. I put my feet in them and a few other pairs and they all fit. I noticed they had a few defects here and there, mostly from heat damage, but nothing alarming. I called out to the person hanging around, watching me about to fall into their trap and asked for the price.





“Aunty na 3,000 last”  the girl said.







My heart screamed WHAAAAAATTTTTTT but as a bargainer, I acted like it was normal.






“Na 2,500 I go pay o, see the inside don dey peel” I replied, turning the shoe around in my hand like meat, complaining about the irrelevant peeling but singing songs of praises in my head, the shoes were beautiful.







Since we’re practicing financial discipline, every voice in my head screamed at me to go with just that pair so I paid for them, bought the other things I had set out to buy and headed back home with joy in my heart and a ‘great bargain’ in my hand.







I am not sad at all, and no I am not throwing them away, they’d be visiting the cobblers later today for a good fix up. It’d cost me a little extra, but I most definitely do not mind.














So lessons learnt, if you ever find yourself with an awoof situation as this one, look out for all the possible signs of damage. In this case, the gum used at the time of  production had probably expired coupled with heat damage from not being properly aired. *SIGH*.







After I get them fixed, I would strut around in them for a full day at home before I get disgraced AGAIN. And if I find another Awoof situation, I am not so sure I’d be so quick to dive in, because AWOOF dey run belle. Now I can’t even go back there to complain….LOL!







Have you found yourself in any embarrassing shoe moments or have you made an awoof purchase gone wrong? Share your experiences with me in the comment section.





Based on this, I’d be putting up an old post on how to protect your shoes from heat damage, it’d do you a world of good.





Remember to drop your comments below or click on a smiley. Share as well and let someone learn something new while having a good laugh.





I’d be back again soon






  • Nchedo
    January 22, 2019

    Jayyyyy! First of all, you have a way with words, don’t stop writing.

    Second, Lmaoooo, typical case of the more you look, the less you see with instantaneous buys. Glad your slippers came to the rescue.

    Looking forward to your next post. ❤️

  • Lamide
    January 25, 2019

    Buhahaha, this is hilarious. Really,thank God you had your slippers in the car.. xxx

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