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Hiya, i am ‘Jare, an unrepentant Shoe Lover, a mum of 3 boys and a lover to their father.

By Day, i work as a Client Services Officer in a security company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and at night i spend the most of my time in this space, my happy place.


I love to write, i love fashion, i enjoy meeting new people, i have a very vivid imagination and a creative mind. So i put all of these together to start what will soon become the most talked about, most influential and most entertaining Shoe blog.

Join my growing community of shoe lovers and be entertained, informed and updated on anything and everything shoe related in all forms, plots and twists. Subscribe below



Diary Of A Shoe Lover

This by far has been the best post i have had to put up since the blog came back. My girls are back, love is back, reality is back and life is definitely back. Enjoy!!! P.S : If there's an aspect of life you'd like to see in this gripping series, this season , use the comment section below.... (Featured Image Credit to the amazing Illustrator PENIEL ENCHILL, check her out on instagram) Read  Season 2, Episode 1 Here
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..."
(Guests sing Happy Birthday Song to the celebrants). I looked around me, surrounded by my loved ones - Family, friends, Employees, i could not deny how blessed i was to be standing in this space. After years of waiting on God for children, He blessed me with not one or two, God gave me three of them at once in both sexes - A boy and 2 Girls. And today, i am here alive and in good health celebrating the 1oth year birthdays of my triplets Tiwatope, Tiwalade and Tiwalola Olanrewaju. 1

Read Season 1, Episode 9 here "I have to go now" said Ivie, as she picked up her Gucci bag and car keys and gave me a peck on the cheek. "This Osas' school management can just be very over sabi, like they love the children more than we the parents. If we're more than 10 minutes late in picking them up, it's a  problem" She said, as she waved and walked towards the door of the restaurant where we just had lunch. It had been 5 years after her wedding to Eddy and Hakeem's proposal to me and so many things had happened. Ivie now had a 4 year old daughter and another baby on the way. Pregnancy suited her and she had stuck to her healthy habits all the way and she remained as fashionable as ever but in a more mature way. ivie lunch 1

Dear Diary,

I had a good day today. Work happened smoothly, i turned in the project report just in time to meet up with my deadline. Mr Deinde commended me, yes the Mr Deinde. On my way home, i passed by Sole Divas Store sha... *Sigh*, i know i promised not to buy any shoes till March, but the shoes on display, Lord have mercy, the perfect  color and the price was just right. I couldn't resist jo, besides how would i reward myself for my hard work. i even think i may get a raise, so that will compensate. Anyway, that was the highlight of my day. Let me go and try on my new shoes, i must rock them tomorrow biko. Good night!

My name is Salewa Oni and i am a hopeless, irredeemable shoe lover. When i left home for work this morning, I had exactly 253 pairs of shoes. My latest Kurt Geiger bow pumps now brings the count to 254 pairs. Welcome to my world. 1

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